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    lanky reacted to Midlife in So Kamela and Joe...   
    Show us the actual chats, not second or third hand reports.
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    lanky reacted to 1969_Mach1 in Steering Box to Exhaust Manifold Clearance Issue   
    This one looks simple, that is the wrong exhaust manifold.  Here's an image I found.  The bottom manifold is the left (drivers) side and the top manifold is the right (passenger) side.  I wonder if somebody installed 289 or 302 manifolds on a 351W.  If so, both are wrong as the 351W manifolds have a larger flange for a larger exhaust pipe.

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    lanky got a reaction from smh00n in Headers for a 347/TKO600/Borgeson in a 70   
    Keep in mind, since you're running EFI, they prefer single plane manifolds otherwise the sensors/computer gets confused. Don't take my word for it, read up on this subject. Dual planes disrupt the way they sense air charges, in short 
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    lanky got a reaction from RPM in Front spindles   
    Those look like drum spindles to me
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    lanky reacted to det0326 in Shelby Arning Drop with Stock Parts?   
    exactly what i was going to suggest Lanky. I did this to mine and also set the shaft in control arm forward a thread or two. all this made the grease fitting to close the the shock tower so I plugged the original hole so I positioned everything the way would be torqued down and marked the nut hex flat facing out. took back apart and drilled and taped the hole. With this modification and lower control arm pulled forward as far as I could without tire rub on valance I got 5 degrees caster. I had CPP intergral steering box similar to Borgensen and the car drove awesome.
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    lanky got a reaction from det0326 in Shelby Arning Drop with Stock Parts?   
    something I wish I was told before I did this, but I can also blame myself for not thinking about it, is not only lower control arm holes but relocating them slightly rearward to increase caster without the wheel being pulled too far forward in the wheel well.
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    lanky got a reaction from bigmal in Drive Line angle question   
    I have read about 1-2 degrees of pitch during acceleration, but it's pretty impossible to know the exact amount.
    Since I put lowering reverse eye leaf springs and new motor mounts I've had a vibration as well. So far I think I have a 3 degree wedge installed, but I stopped there for now bc I'm planning on swapping a toploader in. My angle measurements will change after that.
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    lanky reacted to Midlife in Intake and lifter galley gap   
    Hello...can I speak to Jenny? 
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    lanky reacted to DocWok in 408w breather caps or   
    You would need both for the system to work correctly.
    A filtered air supply from your air cleaner to one valve cover OR a breather fitted to that cover.
    On the other valve cover you would need to hook up a PCV with vacuum supplied by either a intake manifold fitting OR a vacuum supply from your carb or carb spacer.
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    lanky reacted to Midlife in Riots   
    You guys are a riot! 
    And don't forget to wear those tin-foil hats, OK?
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    lanky reacted to Mike65 in 3g Alternator install   
    lanky, the brackets I used are Ford stock alternator brackets, aluminum bracket that bolts to the cyl head # - D0OE-10A336-A2, alternator bracket # - D0OE-10156-A, large offset adjuster bracket # - D32AE-10145-DA. I had to use a 3/4" spacer on the bottom alternator bracket bolt so the bracket would be straight. I am using a standard rotation water pump from a 1987 Crown Vic 5.0 & a Dayco # - 5060410 serpentine belt. IIRC the higher amp alternator is a large frame alternator, the 95 amp alternator like the one I got is the smaller frame alternator.
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    lanky reacted to stangman69 in MDL Hydraulic Clutch Install Question   
    @lanky - if you need anything, let me know.  It was a three hand job to mount the firewall bracket and somewhat annoying to not be able to find a perfectly flat spot but as they allude to in the instructions, there may be a slight over hang.  I chose NOT to grind my bracket for clearance.  Focus on a straight smooth push action from the edge of the clutch pedal through the mechanism into the bracket - no side load.  You'll get what I mean when you start in on the job.
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    lanky got a reaction from stangman69 in MDL Hydraulic Clutch Install Question   
    No return spring needed for hydraulic setups. However different springs can be used to "tune" the feel of the pedal, but hardly anyone does this.
    This thread is useful for me because hopefully this summer I'll be installing a MDL setup as well.
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    lanky reacted to newstang in Your gonna hate me now   
    my understanding is only harbor freight tools work on Chevys
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    lanky reacted to JET 445 in Steering Column Installation   
    There is nothing wrong here, you just need to pull the inner shaft out a bit, you might need to give it a light tap with a hammer just to make it slide out.
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    lanky reacted to 1969_Mach1 in Need Your Opinion on Recent Repair Issue   
    I can say back in 1980 I watched my oldest brother install a 351W in a 1969 Mach 1 with the torque converter attached to the flex plate.  It was an FMX trans as well.  I guess he was careful enough aligning everything and just rotated the crank at the balancer a little to engage the splines.
    To answer your question, I don't think that's what happened, but, I since the motor and trans can lean downward when removing the trans, it can be removed with the torque converter attached to the flex plate.
    Maybe the shop should try a torque converter from another manufacturer?
    Most of us work on our own classic cars.  These day's I think reputable repair shops that can work on older cars are far and few between.
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    lanky got a reaction from RPM in Possibly Exchanging 3.5 to 3.0 Gears on 9" Rear End   
    I have 2.7 or 2.8 (can't remember) gears and I like them.
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    lanky got a reaction from Grabber70Mach in Conversion to Disc Brakes   
    I would buy this if I was converting to discs right now.
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    lanky reacted to Vicfreg in Flow Through Ventilation   
    Recent discussion on another thread was about putting speakers in kick panels, where the air vents are.   There are differences between the '69 and '70 models worth noting, if you are going to modify your kick panel vents.
    So, you ask why is there a little vent in the door lock pillar on the 1970's, but not on the 1969's...?    For the Mustangs, several things happened....the first was that the vent windows previously used on the 1966-1968 Mustangs were eliminated.   Second, on the fastbacks, there are no air extractors.    So, with the windows rolled up in the 1969's...not much air moving around.  So, if you were smoking say a pipe.....the passenger compartment would look like the "Up in Smoke" movie scene in no time...   
    Ford engineers to the rescue....they invent "Direct Aire"
    This is a flow through ventilation system.   It uses the cowl vents, and a space under the rear seat to allow air to flow into the car, under the seat, through the trunk, and out the one way door lock pillar vents....     Huh?  Really?
    See page 6 of the attached document.  (GM had already figured this out and offered the same kind of thing in the Camaro's)
    So, if you eliminate your kick panel vents in your Mustang, you may have a little less air movement in the car.  Unless you have factory A/C, then that handles the issue nicely.
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    lanky got a reaction from Caseyrhe in Found a free '69 Coupe   
    Someone take this, the guy has it listed for free!!!
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    lanky got a reaction from 69RavenConv in Found a free '69 Coupe   
    Someone take this, the guy has it listed for free!!!
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    lanky reacted to 69Stanger408 in Exhaust Options - Heidts 4 Link   
    Geez...I asked for advice on an exhaust system for a non-OEM setup, and I received options, isn't this what the forums are all about? Glad MTF took the time to respond, and for that, I thank them.
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    lanky got a reaction from JayEstes in Radiator install   
    Yes, I actually finished that recently. I ordered a 3 core aluminum champion radiator with wider brackets than they sell to mount to radiator support. I am running the contour electric fan setup, 351w. 
    In between shroud and water pump snout is about 1/2"-3/4".
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    lanky got a reaction from JayEstes in Who has an aftermarket brake booster?   
    I know of them, everyone likes their service. My problem is that questionable cores (rust/pitting/missing parts) are being sold for hundreds of dollars and it's a gamble. 
    I am not against an original at all, but I have a problem shelling that kind of money out. I haven't been able to find a reasonably priced core or original, because everyone seems to know they aren't that common.
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    lanky reacted to Midlife in One rear brake/turn signal light not working   
    I'd suspect the turn signal switch as the first thing to look at: they are simply not very reliable. 
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