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  1. Are the little roll pins there, that's what hits the cam to cancel the signals
  2. Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it.
  3. Unilec, So are you saying that you don't mask off for the sripes to start with, you just lay down the paint where the stripes are going to be? And also what is the reason for the 2 coats of clear on the stripes? The reason I'm asking is I don't know much about paint and body work. Thanks again
  4. Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it
  5. I'm wanting to paint stripes on an old truck that I have, my question is how long do I wait to pull the tape off and then how long should I wait to mask off the stripes to paint the rest of the truck. I forgot to mention that it is basecoat, clearcoat. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks for the replies, barnett, I don't know much about tanny's but I sure wish I would have know that before we pulled it out, that might have saved a lot of trouble. 1969_mach1, he is going to take the flex plate off and check it and also check the starter. Thanks again for the replies
  7. ralt962,Thanks for the link. EastYorkStang, it is after it is running, I got to listen to it today and it has kind of a tin sound. I'm thinking what unilec stated above is right and the torque converter wasn't seated. So I helped him pull it out today and he is going to take it back to his tranny guy and have him check it out. Thanks for the responses
  8. Thanks for the info, I'll have him check that
  9. I know it's not a 69-70, but a buddy of mine is having trouble with his C-4 in his 65 coupe. He had it rebuilt, installed it and when he started the car it sounds kind of like a grinding noise, or metal on metal noise coming from the tranny, any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. I bought my power disc brake conversion kit from chocostang and have been very happy with it.
  11. Thanks for the replies I appreciate all of the advice
  12. Good info guys Thanks, yes the amp is dial, it just doesn't weld the sheet metal very good, if I turn it down so it won't burn through i get the popcorn welds, if I turn it up to get rid of the popcorn welds I have trouble with burn through, I think my old hobard might just be getting worn out
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