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  1. PSA...do not use AVIS rental cars

    there are a few rules i always follow when traveling: 1. Never fly into/out of Chicago. 2. when making reservations make a separate folder with information about everything. this includes names and ID# of people i talk to. 3. If someone in the business im spending money on starts being a dick, i record it and make sure HQ gets a copy. but i also make sure to go out of my way to let HQ know if a member was very helpful.
  2. im thinking about ordering a pair of their LED kits with the flush tail lights. anyone have any experience with them? http://www.brightlight-customs.co.uk/
  3. Validate 1970 Texas License Plates

    whoever told you that was full of it. my 69 plates are JNJ72 and had zero issues with the numbers. But one thing that did erk me was the fact that the lady made me paint mine silver with black letters vs the original white/black that they are were originally.
  4. Install sub frame connector?

    they look good! im not up to speed with the caltrack stuff but i wouldnt think it would interfere with any plans down the road. i made some tubular ones that come up the back side and go forward all the way to the torque box. now that would mess with things down the road.
  5. Exhaust Systems

    i have flowmaster 40's with my 351w and dougs headers. While at idle it sounds great, any driving other than around town will make your ears ring by the time you get home. im looking into some magnaflows but with a move in the near future, that expense may have to wait.
  6. borgeson review after 4K miles

    i have the 14:1. so i had new hoses made which had a better, beefier flare to it and that stopped the leaking from the box side. with their hoses, not only are you over paying, i honestly dont see how they could last over a year if you actually drive your car. when i pulled the hoses, the rubber was baked and cracked from being so close to the headers. So i pulled the headers to remove the box, way easier than pulling the brake stuff up top. i dropped off the headers to get ceramic coated and then sending off the box for repair to Borgeson tomorrow. it will be interesting to see how long it takes and what they say is wrong. financially i dont have any other options and really hoping the repairs work. but it if busts again, then ill go over to TCP and get the rack.
  7. borgeson review after 4K miles

    lets give an update. I spent $70 to get new hoses made that run down under the car and back up to the pump. all was working great till the other day. Took to down the driveway and i see smoke from under the hood and the awful smell of trans fluid. Pop the hood and the top seals blew out which made a mess of things. So today ive pulled the driver side headers and removed the box. I wrote Borgeson an email about it and waiting for a response. ill probably end up calling them to see what they say for a repair. With that said, im not too happy with this whole set up. I dont really know how some guys have had such great success while others like myself have had non stop issues. One guy on the VMF facebook page said he had to pull his 3 times and now it's finally correct and problem free. So now im at a tough spot with where to go from here. do i repair it, then sell it and go rack or hope for the best again?
  8. with my 351w and champion 3 row running the contour dual fans i have about 4". the pulley sits between the two fans luckily
  9. Headers

    ive got a 351w borgeson unit, and 4r70w trans. Dougs 669Y headers fit really well.
  10. Changing Rear Ends

    i kept my 8" and went from 2.79 to a 3.80 for my 4r70w swap. I bought the parts from ebay, then had a shop put the 3rd member together for $50. put it back in myself. i ordered a kit like this and logged about 4k miles with some racing and burnouts. so far so good. http://www.ebay.com/itm/RING-AND-PINION-BEARING-INSTALL-KIT-NEW-POSI-FORD-8-3-55-RATIO-/281811563845?vxp=mtr&hash=item419d473545
  11. Power Tour 2017

    i got the email as well. i was talking to a buddy about taking the stang up to MI when we go to visit family. just seeing how to route it where i can meet up a few days, then continue north without too much delay or going too far out of the way.
  12. ps pump barb

    I got the new hoses made so they can run down and back up to the borgeson box. Problem I'm having now is the return barb on their pump sticks straight out. I need to have some type of 90* fitting or way to make the stock barb be bent down to a 90*. I know I can get brass 90* elbows, but want it to have a cleaner look. Any ideas?
  13. 4R70W Trans for my FE

    i was just thinking about this the other day on how/if it would be possible to put my 4R in with an FE. just curious, how much are you into the trans rebuild w/ the custom housing? When you get to it, when you program the controller, for cruising around keep the shift speeds a little lower that you would might want. i didnt want it to go into 4th till about 65mph but with that setting, when it did shift into 4th it'd rock the car pretty good with a hard shift. brought it down to 55 and much better. i then added an OD off switch which is a great option to have too.
  14. New member from TX

    wait, were you the one who's engine caught fire and now this is your finished paint job?
  15. put aside the leaking issue, i dont mind it. i think it handles pretty good, and with their pump, low speed turns isnt an issue.