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  1. Nice! I would love to have that system on my 351.
  2. if you look at the unit, the mounting tab on the front right (Passenger side) itll have exposed metal. That is were the grounding is supposed to take place originally by that exposed metal tab being grounded by the bolt and intake bolt/stud. that's where I ran the ground wire to. I have never heard of having to drill into the unit or using that small screw.
  3. Originally it grounds through the intake and stud. I made the ground wire run from the fitech to the back of the block, where the ground strap goes from block to firewall.
  4. I got ahold of aaw service and we came to the conclusion that the light switch in the column is bad. We bypassed the column and everything worked. Hopefully that's the problem
  5. So my turn signals and hazard lights are not functioning after the AAW swap. I wired them to the examples provided per AAW. then they are sent to the Dakota digital box. The box does not show any reading for either the signals or hazards. No fuses are blowing and I verified that I am getting 12v from AAW. Not sure what’s up
  6. I couldn't sleep the other night after posting this so I went back out to work. I had a cable about the thickness of my finger from another project laying around. So I ran that from the back of the block to the frame rail where the metal is thicker. I then made a ground from the same spot in the block, to the grounding tab on the fitech. I also found that the wire I was using for 12v cranking was dropping to 4v at cranking. I switched that to the fuel pump wire in the aaw kit. Sucker started right up after that.
  7. I wrapped up the aaw install with the motor, efi, ac, electric fans etc.. today I was fighting getting the car started and come to find out, my fitech isn't getting enough grounding. I'll have to run a dedicated wire for that. No biggie.. BUT that got me thinking I may have other issues. I'm not tripping fuses, and everything works good. I have a massive new ground from battery to block. Then from block to firewall. All connections were cleaned to bare metal and new wires. The strap to the firewall is a smaller stand type from autozone. Either I need a better block/firewall strap or I need another block to frame, or both. I know there were some good examples on here before but now most pictures are gone.
  8. Well that's a bummer to hear. I've been running that same tank for about 2 years now and so far no problems. I did notice on hot days the pump gets noisy. I'm contemplating swapping out for a Holley tank or a Tanks inc one but dont like the hoses up top. Flip side is if something goes wrong with a pump, it's a lot easier to swap out.
  9. I'm in the same spot. I'm debating on not drilling the dash pad, and putting them down on the side by the radio area like VinAir shows in the instructions.
  10. @Vicfreg I was looking at the AAW extra wires for a key on power source for my EFI and Transmission controller. Would wire# 100, 103, 103, or 107 be a good source for this? I'm thinking 107 would but not sure if it powers while cranking
  11. I knew you installed yours but also knew that you went to that inside power source from the battery that you made. I'm planning on connecting the violet wire for the key on source from the radio and then using AAW wire #50 to power the VA. Havent made any connections in yet but started to run the wires last night.
  12. I’m installing the vintage air unit into the vert and questioning who has wired theirs up to an AAW harness. I’ve read in some Camaro forums of guys running the power to VA from AAW from the heater/ac wire. What I can’t find out is if they are keeping in inline fuse that is supplied or just use the fuse in the AAW kit. anyone have experience with this?
  13. I think under the pro tuning section it shows cranking volts. Maybe I’m wrong though. I tried to post some screenshots in here but it wouldn’t let me. If need be I’ll transfer the photos to my computer today and upload them
  14. if you have a facebook account, go to FiTech Owners Group. they have several pinned messages on startups that are very beneficial. ill post some screen shots of some things thatll help. one of the admins, Josh, has a 69 mustang and is very informative on this. crank it over and if it doesn't start, pull a plug and see if its soaked or dry. then you'll know for sure which way to start tuning.
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