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  1. New fastback

    I honestly don't know whats original on this car or not. the hood pin plate on the hood was screwed in with common headed screws. the holes through the hood look pretty rough but its straight metal with no filler. I didn't see anything that indicated that it was a special build buy any markings or emblems inside or out of the car. The hood scoop didn't show to have wires running to it but it looks like there were turn signals in the scoop. But to be honest, ive never seen an actual working set of those in person, so maybe they were fakes. right now im in the middle of a transitional period with work changes for the wife and figuring out living arrangements other than this apartment. So until that stuff gets figured out, very little will be accomplished on the car unfortunately.
  2. New fastback

    So I pulled the numbers off it today when I ran out to the storage unit. Here'what I found:
  3. Mike65's 69 Coupe build

    were these the ones you were questioning if they were a good price?
  4. ive wanted to louver my hood for a long time but fear of it looking trashy and im screwed. but with this new sportroof i picked up, the hood is in need of attention anyways. there are two spaces in between the bracing that i think sit right behind the radiator that im thinking about cutting to make heat extractors. nothing big or gauty but i think it would help. im with others that with you hood finished the way it is, it would look a lot better if it was welded in and pained.
  5. New fastback

    This might seem odd but is there a faster way to see if it's anything special before I go to a Marti report?
  6. New fastback

    So long story. I met a guy out of our Amarillo office who is a huge ford fan. he has a bronco,mercury commit, fairlane 500 and a few fox bodies then this. He got it a few years ago from the son of the original owner. the original owner let it sit for around 20 years then his son decided to work on it. He pulled the motor and rebuilt it but put the rings in wrong so it had no compression. then it sat for a few more years before being bought and moved to Amarillo. Im not sure exactly how i want to go about it. I want a road legal track car. they have a good amount of auto cross events here but a few times i'd like to go to some of the road courses out there. I really like the idea of smashing a coyote in there as they are getting cheaper to find. keep the stock suspension but upgrade it.... you know how this goes. but im not too worried about making it class specific as i dont plan on ever going that route. That's the goal. i havent had a chance to take pics of the car or even really go over it too well. it was a last minute offer that was too good to pass up. the engine was included but it was out of the car. all the weather seals are bad. the back right side was bumped/backed into at some point right behind the bumper as it's crinkled. both doors have to be re skinned at minimum. nose of the hood took a bump at some point. Im thinking this weekend ill pull the seats and carpet out to see how the floors look. ill probably be replacing the lower quarter on the driver's side as there were rust issues from not being able to drain. ive never replaced any type of metal flooring or skins so this will be a learning experience. down side is right now its in a storage unit with no power so im very limited on what i can do. until i get my house built.
  7. New fastback

    Picked up this 69 yesterday. Typical rust in spots from a car that's been in a barn for 20+ years. Had a 302 w 3 speed manual and 9" rear. Non PS&PB. Guy bought it from original owners son, cleaned it up, then burned up the rear end doing burnouts. He pulled the motor and never did anything with it. I really would like to make a trans am themed car out of this.
  8. I ordered that same switch in chrome for my OD off switch. Works good.
  9. theres a good write up on mustang monthly floating around online. they put the box behind the gauge cluster on one of the flat spots. that's next on my list.
  10. Rack and Pinion Opinions

    im going to bump this thread up. There is a good amount of people here who seem to have the unisteer rack. for those who have it, can you please post info on your engine and header setups? I need to see if it will work with my 351w and dougs try-Y headers.
  11. 1970 Convertible Restoration

    just curios as to where you're at. im planning on a cross country drive this summer and looks like you got the wiring thing down and im needing to get mine done. figured since they are both convertibles, have similar accessories and now your previous experience that it shouldnt be that hard for ya!
  12. look into a soft start fan controller like Flexalite. They will bump the fans on slowly so it wont overload the system upon startup where most your power will be drawn. over on the VMF there's a topic that covers how much power the fans pulled upon startup and if I remember right, it was close to double what the fans would pull once running.
  13. 1970 Convertible Restoration

    that trunk and power set up will look nice once done. im still deciding if I want to relocate the battery to the back or not in my vert when i re do my wiring.
  14. AAW awesome customer service.

    whats the lot #? i just ordered a kit yesterday. can you PLEASE post up how your progress goes? im still deciding if I want to try to tackle it on my own or farm it out. I dont really have the time or patience to do such an important task as this correctly especially with all the extra accessories i have going on.
  15. PSA...do not use AVIS rental cars

    there are a few rules i always follow when traveling: 1. Never fly into/out of Chicago. 2. when making reservations make a separate folder with information about everything. this includes names and ID# of people i talk to. 3. If someone in the business im spending money on starts being a dick, i record it and make sure HQ gets a copy. but i also make sure to go out of my way to let HQ know if a member was very helpful.