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  1. what is the min thickness for a 70 front rotor it is not stamped on there
  2. let me know how it goes as i will have to change my shroud and fan
  3. no its a factory ford one for my 70 i am putting the thermo back on but have boxed the shroud to give it more clearance from the core and using a ford factory single fan from a falcon or territory it move a shit load of air see if that makes a difference thats the least of americas problems atm
  4. in the block tested mine seems to be pretty close
  5. using both my stock one and the digital sniper one also using laser to check, the sniper readout is the one i use mostly ,once it gets hot say 200 ish it puts my analogue one at just past half way 206-212 its at about 3/4 on gauge . I am toying with the idea of a hi flow thermo stat either 180 -190, the fans I don't know i need a shrouded one electric maybe, the one i had the shroud was too shallow so couldnt pull enough air across the whole core and at speed would block air to the core
  6. i have a 357 long rod,2v small chamber heads, small cam,not a big hp engine but just warm, and yes the right thermostat at 180 deg ,2500 stall, hyper spark and sniper setup and ac i cant seem to stop heat creep at idle its not timing tried that. i have a new 24"x16" 3 core rad with 5/8 tubes, shroud and steel blade fan,which i replaced the 4 core one with, i took off the Elec fan and shroud it was too shallow as it was blocking the radiator air flow now i cools just fine at speed as long as I'm moving but at idle it starts to creep if the ac is on . ,here is the spec from my repair manual should i be trying to run in these temp ranges maybe i go to a 190 deg thermo and take out the 180 as it would be running flat out all the time
  7. hey guys i have a 70 hard top about to reinstall my auto with stall can i have some pics of trans oil coolers where and how you have fitted them and the size if possible
  8. I am installing tha ac to my 70 and I have 3 wires in the engine bay 1 blue and red,2green with white bullet con, 3blue with black bullet conector which is for ac and which is for idle up solenoid im just trying to us some pre run wires to keep it a bit neater it is a factory ac 1970 hard top no tach 351c fmx can any one give me a wire diag for the car that has this info
  9. I have a 70 hard top with a 351c t5 and a 9" I want to change my gearing from 2.75 to something better usage will be a little of everything no strip work I thinking of either 3.25 or 3.55 it has a 3.35 1st gear and a mild 351clevo looking for some feedback
  10. has anyone put a vintage air gen iv sure fit in a 69-70 just looking for any tips or traps to watch out for
  11. im replacing all of it as a large amount is missing may as well upgrade at the same time
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