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  1. hi all, i have a 69 mach 1, i'm getting old and can't bend like i use to, i need to change the egn switch, how hard of a job is it?, i bought the switch from national parts, and i cana't even get the key cylinder to go into the main housing, probly end up letting someone else do it when i finally give up, any info out there?, thanks jerry
  2. i'm getting old, can't bend like i use to. have a 69 mach 1, fmx trans, 351w, how hard is it to change the egn switch?, just take the 4 slotted ring off and drop thru dash, is that all there is to it? thanks for any input, jerry
  3. starting problems, long story. turn key on nothing happens, put on charger starts right up, 1st, i have a 69 mach 1 mustang with a fmx trans. charge for a day runs great, store for the nite and it loses charge to 12v, have to recharge. had it in a electrical shop he had it for 2 days couldn't find any thing wrong, maybe someone onthis forum will know something, o, have to add, battery is fine, no dead cell, replaced the voltage reg, thanks jerry
  4. ok, didn't have any thing to do so i read up on this post about aligning the hood, i have the same problem, can press down the rear corners and it goes where it should, meaning the hinges are shot, so where can u find a set?, i would order if i knew where, thanks jerry
  5. not sure, but, did someone on this forum post about getting their radio changed to fm?, thanks jerry
  6. hi, in the market for a mini drill/mill machine, any one have one?, use one, need some info, price around 7 or 800, thanks jerry
  7. hi, how high is the main posts?, don't look to high, maybe 6', if so, tell me more about the setup, like, who made the lift etc, thanks, jerry
  8. looks like we have clown in our mist
  9. ok, i have a set of new door handles, for a 69 mach 1, took the door panel off, looked, studied it for a while, i thought just a couple of screws, not quite, can't get my hand in areas, will be hard to get to the inside screw holding the door handle on, do i have to take the window out?, parts of the door [parts, it can't be that hard, but it seems like it to me, i put it back together, figured i better ask u guys how its done, thanks jerry
  10. has any one installed a new set of boomarang rear side vent window trim?, is it hard to do, this is for a 69 mach 1, thanks jerry
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