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  1. I took it backa to the guy that worked on it, replaced all that was wrong, no charge
  2. jerrywmalcolm


    having a problem with my carb, have a holley 650 double pumper, think I have to replace it, don't know where to look, or where I can get a esceller pump, I took it in for a rebuild and the guy screwed it up and I won't take it back to him, he stripped one of the screws on the exceller pump, so theres only 3 screwss that are any good, any help would help, thanks jerry
  3. hi, the cap on my master cyl leaks, i cleaned the master cyl to make sure, leaks bad enough that it drips down onthe exhaust that i can smell it and see the smoke when stopped, ok, got a new cap and gasket from NP, not sure but will check , think its from china, any way, I can't get the spring loaded arm that holds down the cap to even go over the top of cap and then theres no notch on top of cap for a positive lock or held in place, an it leaks to, so i'll be going back to NP, but my question is, has any one else had my problem? if so, what did ou come up with to fix it?, thanks jerry, PS, yesterday i couldn't get on this forum for anything
  4. update, took clock apart, after playing with it for a hour or so, I found one broken wire, which I resoldered on, and found that the ground connection has a 2 point connection, 1 for a wirre the other touches the clock housing which acts as a ground for the whole car, whch might not be making a connection so I soldered a wire from that to the housing, and now the clock works fine
  5. to boss429dreamer, where did you get the quartz conversion kit?
  6. where did you get the quartz movement for the clock?,  thanks   jerry

  7. hi, i changed the speed dometer cable, took the whole, I mean WHOLE dash apart, and I'm sure the dash clock worked, NOT now, theres electic going to the clock, but no working clock, is the clock gone?, maybe need a new one?, if so, any one out there have one for sale?, for a 69 mach 1, thanks jerry
  8. ok, update, boy to replace the speedometer what a pain, you have to take the whole dash apart, next time I'll pay someone to do it, in my younger days it may have been fun, but thats long gone,
  9. ok guys, I know ITS old, I tried to go under the dash, I can't get it apart, thats what I'm asking, how do I get in the dash?, I've tried, no luck its got to be something simple
  10. hi, I'm getting old, NOT LAZY, went to go for a ride in the mustang this morning, speedometer not working, have a 69 mach 1 mustang, whats involved in fixing it, if it easy i'll fix it, otherwise ion the shop it goes, thanks jerry
  11. thanks guys, i'll have to check
  12. I have a 351 650 double pumper on a aluminum intake why do I keep getting oil on the top of the intake?, thanks for any info, jerry
  13. hi, read the 3 posts, don't know why my mustang paint job isn't out there, to me its a popular one, but since i can't get the one i want, your blue looks good, now since toys r us is gone, know of any place i can get one like yours?, thanks jerry i deleted the picture of my mustang, so this one will have to do for now
  14. hi, i'm looking for a franklin or danbury die cast of a 1969 mustang mach 1, i've looked and can't find one the same color as mine, red with black trim, thanks jerry
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