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  1. Beautiful results and what wonderful experiences for yourself and your boys. Dave R.
  2. And if your back seat doesn't rattle as you drive call the cops. Someone has stolen the seat. Dave R.
  3. That is a gorgeous car Steffan. Welcome to the forum and good luck in your parts search. Dave R.
  4. Bill is interesting to talk to. I have bought several items from him. I needed a air cleaner base and lid and snorkel for my R code. Some of those repro parts are fiberglass and I did not like that idea. Very nice quality and Bill has them made by the original contractor to Ford. Bill seldom answers the phone but will return your call. Good luck. Dave R.
  5. Did you check with Mansfield Mustang? Dave R.
  6. Is the motor fresh? A newly rebuilt motor is tight and makes more heat. Like the suggestion of checking the timing. The proper fan, fan clutch and shroud are important. The fan blades should be no more than halfway behind the edge of the shroud. Dave R.
  7. Isn't that Acapulco Blue? Off the top of my head. Dave R.
  8. For every beautiful woman there is a guy who is glad to be shed of her. Dave R.
  9. We all have our opinions and I agree with you Raven. Farrah may very well have been the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. At least in that era. In December of 1976 we moved into our newly completed house. I installed a TV antenna and rotor (no cable in the new neighborhood at the time) on the chimney during a snow storm/blizzard so as not to miss Charlie's Angels that night. Dave R.
  10. Casey that is great news. Many of us have been in your shoes and know where you two stand. Hang in there and our thoughts and prayers are with you. Dave R.
  11. I'm with you there barnett468. As I drove towards their building I could not imagine what was going on with this car parked in the front lot with the doors open and the seats and carpet sitting on the car roof. Very odd looking but as I walked towards the building I figured it out. I wonder how long that car smelled like resin? Dave R.
  12. I saw a mold being made by the small molder I referenced above. They stripped the seats and carpet from a car that they had rented from a rental agency but they usually went to a wrecking yard and used a junker for this purpose. They then laid up fiberglass mat and resin in the floor pan. When the mold was set they removed it from the car and used a matrix of various sizes of lumber to form a framework. A second mold is made from the bottom of the first mold as I recall. The heated carpet is mashed between the two molds hydraulically. This molder didn't use actual floor pans but that is not to say others don't. Dave R.
  13. barnett468, congratulations on your business success. If their carpet was such high quality why did Distinctive get out of the carpet business? I've had the opportunity to watch carpet being woven, in person, and that is a fascinating process. Or I thought so at least. I've also had the opportunity to see carpet sets being molded mostly at an operation that was much smaller than ACC is. The ovens that heat the carpet and the presses that smash the heated carpet between the mold halves are nothing elaborate. I think that the equipment could be made in-house if a competent welder was available. The making of the molds would require some experience with laying up of fiberglass. Maybe someone should fill a void in the restoration business by molding high quality carpet sets. Dave R.
  14. No No. Sorry copb8. My above comment was directed at barnett468. That is why I quoted his comment. I agree. Your carpet issue is just poor workmanship at ACC. Where did you buy the carpet? Dave R.
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