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  1. Tires and wheel photos

    I think Wheel Vintiques has the 15" GT wheels and trim rings. Not 100% sure that is where I saw them. Dave R.
  2. Tires and wheel photos

    I chose those wheels because I liked the GT wheel look and didn't like the trim rings very much. The biggest reason for my going 15" is tire selection. Tons more to choose from and that little bit bigger tire fills the wheel well openings better. Just my opinion. The stock GT wheel in chrome without the trim rings makes a cleaner look in my eyes. Good luck. Dave R.
  3. Tires and wheel photos

    Ask buckeyedemon for pics. As I recall he has or used to have a lot of tire/wheel combination pics. Dave R.
  4. Driving a classic car

    This explains alot. Dave R. drive a classic.docx
  5. ~ 1969 Power Steering Pulley Depth (428cj)

    Mine is Raven. Dave R.
  6. Reaper69, mine are mounted in the car so it's tough to measure. Measuring the centers of the plastic plugs on the bottom of the floor pan seem to be 11 by 14, roughly. Good luck. Dave R.
  7. 69 stripe kit

    shep69, look very closely. I don't think they are straight if by straight kevin427 means level. Dave R.
  8. 69 stripe kit

    Try this from the 428CJ forum. https://www.428cobrajet.org/forum/index.php?topic=8966.0 Dave R.
  9. Wierd craiglist post

    This car was posted for sale in a differently worded ad also on craigslist I believe. The text with the pictures was entirely different describing the car under the wrap and the glued on horn and wing. How easily the car could be returned to stock, white with blue racing stripes I believe. Very strange. Dave R.
  10. Picked up new ride yesterday

    Nice looking ride. Like the side stripe and paint color. Should be a fun little fella to drive. Enjoy. Dave R.
  11. The Z-Lok hood lock mechanically locks the hood from opening and kills the coil. I havn't been on their website in a while but they did have a video of installing the unit on a early year Camaro. There are a number of way to keep the car from being driven off but none of those will stop a tow truck. Depends on how badly the thief wants your car. Dave R.
  12. Which radio do i get

    jholmes217, I like it just fine. It was recommended by the engine builder and he drag races Ford power. I think the Mutha Thumpr is the next more radical series of cams. The brakes are OK but a little more vacuum wouldn't hurt anything. Great exhaust note. Dave R.
  13. Summer (of 69) Project

    Opportunities like yours are rare. Good luck. Pictures of the progress would be welcomed. Dave R.
  14. Which radio do i get

    Brian, I'm with you. I did have my factory am/fm stereo unit overhauled because it didn't work at all but it still plays through a coaxial speaker in the dash.I prefer to hear the 428 Comp Cams Thumpr series bellow than listen to the radio. Dave R.
  15. Which Temperature Sender is Best

    Try allclassicmustang.com for your sender. They have lots of used and NOS parts. Dave R.