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  1. There isn't much extra room under the hood for sure. My car is a R code Mach 1 with the Midland Ross booster. Talk about a tight fit. There is some interference between the the rear of the shock tower and the front of the master cylinder when removing or installing the master cylinder. I believe that cascade effect is true. Good luck. Dave R.
  2. The people at Power Brake Booster Exchange get my vote. They fixed a booster for me last fall. This booster was purchased from a vendor known to us on the forum. The vendor bought it as NOS and sold it to me as such. To shorten the story, unable to make the power assist work I finally sent the booster to PBBE. They fixed it and returned the broken part that they found inside. I had the booster back in a week. HIGHLY recommend them for your booster needs. By the way, the broken piece had a poor attempt to repair done on it. So much for NOS. Dave R.
  3. Always glad to help. Merry Christmas. Dave R.
  4. Mike65, I think I have the paperwork on them in my binder. Yes, I do have the paperwork. It's only 54 degrees in the garage so went to the garage and I have the paperwork in hand. JUS10308 for the 3 point belts. That may be the number specific for the berry colored ones. JUS60108 for the matching lap belts for the rear seat. In Feb. of 2015 the belts were $239.90 for the pair of 3 points and $49.90 for the pair of rear laps. Juliano's Interior Products 860-872-4114. Good luck and Merry Christmas. Dave R.
  5. I used 3 point belts from Juliano's Hot Rod Parts on my '69 Mach 1. No complaints. Work great. Color matched the new upholstery. I weigh 270 and they fit fine. There was a video of them installing these belts in a '70 Mach 1 as I recall. Dave R.
  6. Arvidsson, I'm not trying to get you to defect from this forum as I visit here frequently myself. I assume most members here are like myself and cruise several forums. FYI there is a forum dedicated to the 428 CobraJet cars that has also been beneficial to me. Not to detract from this forum as I have found lots of good info here as well as a couple of other forums. Can't have to much info. Good luck. Dave R.
  7. Was the single fan that you removed the correct fan and clutch and shroud set-up? The right parts there should cool sufficiently if the motor is stock or near stock. My '69 CobraJet is .030 overbored and the stock system keeps it cool. Mine is non-a/c but these systems were functional as designed. Over the years a lot of our cars have had "improvements" made to them by previous owners. Removing shrouds or wrong shrouds, flex type fans, etc. has taken place at the hands of someone that was trying fix a problem. Sometimes, starting with the basics helps. Dave R.
  8. Looks like a great car to start with. Of course I might be a little prejudiced towards red '69 R code Mach 1's. Good luck Arvidsson and welcome. Dave R.
  9. Good enough Brian. Trying to help us both. Good luck. Dave R.
  10. Brian, I still have a sender for sale if that will help. My ad is in the parts for sale section here. Price is negotiable. Dave R.
  11. I'd rather listen to my cammed up .030 over CobraJet than a radio. Dave R.
  12. Asking price revised to $249. Dave R.
  13. Bob's Speedometer Shop in Howell, MI. rebuilt them. Dave R.
  14. I am with you Danno. I am also tired of guessing at how much fuel is in the tank. I'd like to make someone a deal on the one that I have for sale. I have a neighbor who sells stuff on Ebay and he is going to help me list it there sometime soon. Good luck. Dave R.
  15. As I have had no inquiries about my ad I guess everyone is happy with their repro senders. The price is posted as "asking" so there is a little wiggle room. Dave R.
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