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  1. The old girl is starting to come around. Love it. Dave R.
  2. 428 shaker; Stud to driver fender edge 23 1/2", stud to pass. fender edge 23 3/8", stud to cowl edge 17 1/4 ". Dave R.
  3. I doubt that the coolant temp exits the radiator at less than 140* which it would have to do in order to register 140* on that rear sender. It has to pick up some heat between the radiator exit and the rear sender. What is the temp of the coolant as it exits the radiator as checked by a IR thermometer? I would guess more that 140* and the coolant temp can only go up from that point. Dave R.
  4. I read several years ago that a temp sender that isn't in contact with coolant gives a cooler reading. The sender can't read hot air. I understand that you burped the system but air is the first thing that makes any sense to me. Maybe crack loose that rear sender ever so slightly, on a cold motor of course, and start the engine. After the engine is up to temp for a few minutes maybe any air will seep out around the rear sender. Dave R.
  5. Thanks. And the print does have the blue streak on the bumper. As does the proof he emailed to me. Dave R.
  6. How's this look? My print doesn't have the blue on the bumper. I don't know where that came from. Dave R.
  7. I stumbled upon a website a few years ago and bookmarked it for future reference. I have visited that site dozens of time in the last 6-7 years but on Wednesday this week it took the plunge. Danny Whitfield at dannywhitfield.com draws, by hand, amazing car prints. He has dozens of car models and hundreds of variations to choose from. He will also personalize a print to make it exactly as you wish. Even down to a personalized license plate. These prints are remarkable. Check out his work. I called him, he is in Tucson, about noon Wednesday and ordered. I emailed a couple of pics of my car and using one of his prints posted on his website I explained items to add, delete, and change. About 4 hours later I had the email of the proof for my approval. It was perfect. He called me later for my opinion. I gave him the go-ahead and the print arrived this morning and I couldn't be happier. My front license plate looks just like the real thing. After framing it will look great on my man cave/garage wall. While on his site click the button that gives Danny's background in this business. Great guy to talk to and very talented. Dave R.
  8. I found one on Ebay a couple of years ago. Dave R.
  9. Scary news Casey but when caught early breast cancer is quite treatable. Be strong my friend and you and Sue are in my thoughts and prayers. God be with you. Dave R.
  10. Sounds like a fun combo also. Dave R.
  11. Can't be much help as my 3.50 gear and CR toploader are twisted by a 428CJ. Lots of fun and fuel. Dave R.
  12. http://z-lokhoodlock.com/index.html Dave R.
  13. There are several good youtube videos on how the boosters work. One is a younger guy with a drawing of a booster using a white board. Another is a guy in a wrecking yard and at a point he cuts a booster open. Both were very informative for me as I battled brake problems last summer. The guys at Power Brake Booster Exchange in Oregon are great also. Dave R.
  14. Had my original trim panels been in need of replacing then I would have had a decision to make on retractor placement. I was not interested in cutting up my original panels. I like the idea of and look of the finished relocation. As mine is positioned I think the seat could move back, unobstructed, even with seat extenders. Good luck. Dave R.
  15. I drive my '69 with the seat "one click" from the full back position without trouble. The seat will go full back without hitting the retractor. The retractor is angled slightly towards the rear as these pictures show. I had no desire to start hacking on those interior panels to hide the retractor. Rear seat passengers are not a consideration for me. Dave R.
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