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  1. http://z-lokhoodlock.com/index.html Dave R.
  2. There are several good youtube videos on how the boosters work. One is a younger guy with a drawing of a booster using a white board. Another is a guy in a wrecking yard and at a point he cuts a booster open. Both were very informative for me as I battled brake problems last summer. The guys at Power Brake Booster Exchange in Oregon are great also. Dave R.
  3. Had my original trim panels been in need of replacing then I would have had a decision to make on retractor placement. I was not interested in cutting up my original panels. I like the idea of and look of the finished relocation. As mine is positioned I think the seat could move back, unobstructed, even with seat extenders. Good luck. Dave R.
  4. I drive my '69 with the seat "one click" from the full back position without trouble. The seat will go full back without hitting the retractor. The retractor is angled slightly towards the rear as these pictures show. I had no desire to start hacking on those interior panels to hide the retractor. Rear seat passengers are not a consideration for me. Dave R.
  5. https://www.julianos.com/Articles.asp?ID=248 This series of photos shows install of 3 point into a '70 sportsroof. Dave R.
  6. Did this make the gauge accurate at 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 and EMPTY? Dave R.
  7. Mid $1.40's in SW Ohio. Dave R.
  8. I don't know where you live but there are a couple of possibilities on the Cincinnati Craigslist. Good luck. Dave R.
  9. $1.95 yesterday in SW Ohio. Dave R.
  10. Loved our visit to the museum in October. We missed the Bullitt by a week or two the lady at the door said. Neat place although I'm not sure why they have moved across the street but I may be able to get back there later this year. I am far from politically correct but a caravan of vehicles stopping at bars seems a little extreme these days. I am not anti-drinking as I used to do way too much of it. A quad bypass and certain threats by a thoracic surgeon and a cardiologist put a roaring halt to that. 16 years of having beer, wine and liquors in the house for guests and I drink iced tea or soda. Maybe the booze cruise isn't such a bad idea and I am placing myself in the cruise and imagining my behavior if it were 20 years ago. Dave R.
  11. Am I the only person that thinks it odd for a car event to offer a "booze cruise?' Dave R.
  12. Dave R.

    New member

    Sounds like solid plans. Nothing like a torque monster and a 4 speed. She'll be turning lots of heads. And tires. Dave R.
  13. My '69 Mach 1 required either new quarters or extensive repair of the existing panels. My restorer pointed out the advantages of replacing the panels. When I agreed with him he insisted on Dynacorn panels. He had used them in his own personal project. They fit and look great. This was 6 1/2 years ago. Hopefully their quality has not declined. Good luck. Dave R.
  14. Dave R.

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    HTOM, beautiful looking car. Does it run? What does it need? Lots of info available here to help you. Good luck. Dave R.
  15. There isn't much extra room under the hood for sure. My car is a R code Mach 1 with the Midland Ross booster. Talk about a tight fit. There is some interference between the the rear of the shock tower and the front of the master cylinder when removing or installing the master cylinder. I believe that cascade effect is true. Good luck. Dave R.
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