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  1. I'd rather listen to my cammed up .030 over CobraJet than a radio. Dave R.
  2. Asking price revised to $249. Dave R.
  3. Bob's Speedometer Shop in Howell, MI. rebuilt them. Dave R.
  4. I am with you Danno. I am also tired of guessing at how much fuel is in the tank. I'd like to make someone a deal on the one that I have for sale. I have a neighbor who sells stuff on Ebay and he is going to help me list it there sometime soon. Good luck. Dave R.
  5. As I have had no inquiries about my ad I guess everyone is happy with their repro senders. The price is posted as "asking" so there is a little wiggle room. Dave R.
  6. Thanks anyway. I have recently found two used original Ford units and had them rebuilt. I have not installed one yet and I have placed the other one in the parts for sale section of this and 2 other forums. Dave R.
  7. I have for sale a C9WF-9275-A fuel sender. The sender is NOT a repro and was professionally overhauled/refurbished/rebuilt or whatever you chose to call the process. Parts and labor are warranted for 1 year by the rebuilder, Bob's Speedometer Shop in Howell, MI. I make no guarantee or warranty. The sender was cleaned, a new wire attached, as well as the float (brass) and filter sock were replaced. The threaded lug where the gauge wire attaches appears to be new also. The rheostat housing cover looks like it was removed and then replaced as the hold down tabs have some scratches on them. I was told that a calibration check is part of the job also. This sender does NOT have the low fuel sensor. I can text these pictures if you wish as the part number is more clear. I found a listing online at one of the used parts vendors for a used sender. They claim it works but the low fuel sensor is untested. Listed at $295. My asking price is $249. PM me from this forum if you wish. Thanks. Dave R.
  8. Brian, did this Spectra fuel sender work for you? Dave R.
  9. Neither Sharon nor I remember seeing it but then there is quite a bit to take in. Dave R.
  10. Holy Toledo. That was some real money back then. One of the maintenance guys was replacing a couple of pieces of flooring and I ask him how many SF but not about the cost. Way cool place. Dave R.
  11. Way cool RogerC. Where exactly is the research library? Yes, Sharon and I had a great time. We drove from the Cincinnati area just to do the Museum and plant tour. Dave R.
  12. The Henry Ford is a great place to spend a day. Trains, planes and automobiles. Farm equipment, furniture, stationary engines. A pre-fab aluminum house prototype. All setting on 500,000 sq. ft. of herringbone teak flooring. Don't overlook Greenfield Village, it's on the same property, and the Rouge Plant tour leaves from The Henry Ford. Dave R.
  13. What a shame. Sorry to see that. Looks like the car struck that pole with the left front and scraped along the drivers side until the left rear wheel struck the pole. Dave R.
  14. Gorgeous. But then I may be slightly prejudiced. What tire and wheel combo did you choose? I also went with blackwalls on chrome GT style wheels. I like the raised white letter tires but EVERYONE uses them. Super job MAC390. WOW. Dave R.
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