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  1. Dave R.

    Mach 1 resto in Australia

    Sweet looking. Dave R.
  2. Dave R.

    Mach 1 resto in Australia

    Gorgeous. But then I may be slightly prejudiced. What tire and wheel combo did you choose? I also went with blackwalls on chrome GT style wheels. I like the raised white letter tires but EVERYONE uses them. Super job MAC390. WOW. Dave R.
  3. Dave R.

    Wife got a new toy

    Gorgeous!! Dave R.
  4. Dave R.

    Mach 1 hood paint BLACK ?

    I realize that we are on a old thread but just to throw out some info; Graphic Express has a wide array of hood stencils. I bought one for my painter to use. Looks great. He used a two stage paint on my car and as I recall put a flattening agent in the clear coat over the black. Unsure which black he used but it was Sherwin-Williams. I have the bill in a binder that may have part numbers for the paint. I can look if someone needs that info.. Dave R
  5. Dave R.

    Grandpa's 1969 Mustang

    Bill, with as much setting without being used as the car seems to have done a battery may have frozen and cracked at some time thus leaking. No matter as the damage is done and your planned repair sounds like a solid fix. Dave R.
  6. Dave R.

    Grandpa's 1969 Mustang

    "You'll never know if you got the best deal unless you've been to Rockenfield" was the catch phrase for Rockenfield Ford. I remember their TV ads and occasionally driving past the dealership on Vine St. at Paddock Rd. You made quite a deal on a nice piece Bill. Welcome to the forum and good luck. Keep us posted with pictures. Dave R.
  7. Dave R.

    All American Car Show Australia

    Holy cow. What a great looking bunch of cars. I am not surprised that there are nice old cars in Australia but I never realized how popular U.S. made classics are down there.
  8. No. No. No. And if that is a Ford shaker hood, Hell No. Dave R.
  9. Dave R.

    428 CJ Fuel Pump issue

    What brand of pump Ridge Runner? Dave R.
  10. Dave R.

    428 CJ Fuel Pump issue

    I also remember a paper element but not sure if it was Holley or aftermarket. Dave R.
  11. Dave R.

    428 CJ Fuel Pump issue

    I recall a porous filter that went inside the bowl inlet. Looked like a stone but was bronze colored. Dave R.
  12. Dave R.

    428 CJ Fuel Pump issue

    Brian, is that a filter on the suction side of your fuel pump? I have always heard that a filter should be on the pressure side of the pump. Especially a mechanical pump. Whatever works I guess. Dave R.
  13. Dave R.

    428 CJ Fuel Pump issue

    +1 on snugging the screws. The pump is obviously working, somewhat. The seeping must be stopped before any other problem can be diagnosed. Dave R.
  14. The '69 filler neck has a small notch on the rim of the neck where the cap gasket seals against the neck. I think the notch is located near the 12 o'clock position on the neck rim. That small notch is the vent for the tank. If the gasket is being forced into the notch, maybe the gasket is getting old and soft?, that might seal the notch closed. I think the '70 used a smooth neck and a vented cap. This was just discussed a couple of weeks ago on one of the Mustang forums but I don't remember which one. Dave R.
  15. I've never had a 302 apart but doesn't the oil from the valve springs/rockers drain back through the head gasket? Dave R.