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  1. Everything that I have discovered says the early 1969 model year used the Midland booster. I don't recall specifically but I think Ford went to the Bendix booster in Feb. of 1969 for the Mustang. Dave R.
  2. After retiring from the police department I went to work as a armed deputy bailiff for the local municipal court. One of our duties was hauling prisoners from the county jail to our court and back. We had a 15 passenger van for such purpose. The municipal garage mechanics installed a switch under the rubber mat, the van had factory installed rubber mat on the floor instead of carpeting. This switch was unable to be seen yet had to be depressed and held down while turning the key for starting. Should we become overpowered by a prisoner they could not start the van for a getaway. Dave R.
  3. My '69 Mach 1 had no belts when I bought it. When the time came for belts I bought the 3 point set-up that Juliano's Hot Rod parts sells. No drilling. Works great. The shoulder belt could use a drop down that Juliano's has. I just have not made that purchase yet. Dave R.
  4. Shaker scoop made the difference between Q and R code motors. The shaker was optional on 351 and 390 motors as I recall. Dave R.
  5. A couple of years ago I went to Chris's Carbs in Dayton, OH for some carb help. Chris and his son, also named Chris, are the only employees. Dad is a older guy and has been overhauling carbs since he was a teen. He had several huge piles of carb carcasses on the floor and on work tables. He may be able to help. 937 890-0970. I think he told me that he does the dichromate treatment also. He has a big block Chevy on a test stand where they test and adjust carbs. Dave R.
  6. Mine has a grommet for the antenna and 2 more down low to secure it if needed. I don't remember if the grommet for the antenna was extra or not. The "MACH 1" stencil on the nose was and extra cost. CCC did have a nice chart to narrow down the exact cover based on several factors that you needed the cover to meet. Dave R.
  7. Kinda pricey for my '69. $700 for a car that rarely sees the dark? Not right now. I do like the idea of not needing to wire in a relay. If I read that right. Dave R.
  8. Is that the dash VIN? Dave R.
  9. Got it. Sometimes written humor doesn't come across as well as spoken humor does. It's all in the delivery as the saying goes. Dave R.
  10. The 1969 Mustang has 4 headlights. The outers are high/low. The inners are high only. At least that is the way my Mach 1 works. Dave R.
  11. I've never heard them referred to as "sportslamps". Learn something every day. Dave R.
  12. You sir are a lucky man. But then I guess you already knew that. Dave R.
  13. Beautiful results and what wonderful experiences for yourself and your boys. Dave R.
  14. And if your back seat doesn't rattle as you drive call the cops. Someone has stolen the seat. Dave R.
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