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  1. Heater box, motor and core from non-A/C 1969 Mustang. Box is sound—no visible cracks. One small chip on the edge where a clip was attached. Motor runs. Core is included—not certain of its condition. $125+actual shipping. (Located in Houston, TX)
  2. Original manual brake pedal assembly from my auto trans 69 coupe. Reasonable offer plus actual shipping.
  3. You guys are like a bunch of MacGyvers! I ended up attaching a short piece of 1x4 with a couple of screws and that worked. Got the hood locks installed.
  4. I'm installing hood pins and have a question about cutting the holes in my hood. I drilled a hole large enough for the pin to go through, but now I need to cut a larger hole for the receiver to fit in. I was going to use a hole saw, until I realized that I had no center guide so the hole saw just wants to crawl around. I guess I could dremel it, but it might not be the prettiest of holes (although it would be covered by the receiver flange). Any other suggestions?
  5. How about 3Mâ„¢ Channel Bonding and Sidelite Adhesive? Also, what do you recommend to use for shims?
  6. Will windshield adhesive work? And is best to glue it in the car?
  7. In the process of adjusting one of my coupe's quarter windows, the glass came unglued. Argh! After cleaning all the glue off the glass and the mount, there seems to be quite a gap between the two. Will the glue fill that in, or do I need some sort of insert or shim?
  8. Ridge, I followed your suggestion and it worked like a charm! Thanks!
  9. That's the way these are. I think try both of your suggestions. File them down, then use a punch.
  10. This is an old thread, but thought I'd resurrect it rather than starting new one. I'm trying to install the plastic rivets on my grille. I got the top 3 to set using a hard plastic mallet. However, the bottom two are sunk into the grille, so I can't make contact with the mallet, plus these connect to the pot metal tabs on the headlight buckets, so I'm afraid to get too rough, else they'll break. Any suggestions?
  11. Ridge, this a square hole in the rocker that the bottom adjustment bracket attaches to. See pic.
  12. Or maybe it's cage nut... I'm missing the cage nut that attaches the quarter window regulator assembly to the body at the bottom (374251-S). Anyone have on laying around they would part with? AMK carries them, p/n B-12033, but they have a minimum $30 order. I haven't found them on any of the usual parts sites. And while I'm asking, I'm also looking for a door lock rod, the one that goes from the key lock to the latch (middle one in attached pic).
  13. Thanks, trinitys. That page isn't in my body assembly book for some reason. One other related question. It show two screws that appear to go in the same opening on either side (G and J). I assume it fastens from the inside.
  14. I'm reinstalling the quarter windows in my 69 coupe. In my hardware bag for each side, there's this part: I have no idea what it's for and couldn't find it in any diagrams. Any ideas?
  15. Ok, panic time is over. Oiling the hinges did the trick!
  16. I'm finally getting the hood mounted on the car. Everything lined up really well! However, I'm not sure about using the stock hinges. When I tried to pull the hood down, it felt like I was going to break the hood. When it made a small "pop" sound, I stopped. I don't think anything was damaged, but decided to consult you guys before I proceed. I did have the hinges powder coated. Would that make them initially stiffer? Would lubrication help? MikeStang, are you running stock hinges on your hood?
  17. Dang it! I was tightening up the final nut on the bottom of the driver's side fender extension, when I felt the nut loosen up and discovered the stud has broken in two. So, any suggestions for the best way to remove the broken stud from the fender extension? It broke off so that I can't grab it. I'd sure like to get it out without trashing the threaded hole. Help!
  18. I'm missing the lock rod that goes from the key lock to the latch on the passenger door. I found this one at West Coast Classic Cougar (http://goo.gl/gU2BU7) that says it fits a 69 Mustang, but it was much too short. Does anyone have a extra one laying around or know where I could find one? Here's what it's supposed to look like:
  19. Well, that was simple! I didn't think the rod retainer would fit with the adjuster, but alas it did. Thanks!
  20. Two question related to window felt. Can you buy replacement snap in fasteners for these? My felt is in great shape, but some of the fastener clips are broken. Also, shouldn't the door window rub the out felt? When I reassembled my door, there's a pretty good gap between the glass and the felt.
  21. Thinking about adding a 3rd brake myself, but not sure about the wiring. Someone mentioned an "AND-ing" circuit?
  22. How is the adjustable door handle latch rod secured to the latch. It seems I'm missing a clip of some sort.
  23. Related question. Are the clips for the upper rear window molding on the 69 coupe the same as the windshield clips?
  24. I'm looking for the clips for my 69 coupe that hold the upper molding on the rear window. I assume these are different from the windshield clips.
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