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  1. I was able to find an article with a picture of an old pump and one of his pumps side by side. I am pretty sure its a GM pump, but it isn't detailed enough to show a part number. It also looks like he had some sort of custom mounting hardware for it, so I don't think it would be a direct bolt on if I was able to identify the pump.
  2. Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've been on this forum. It's about time for me to replace my power steering pump, as it has started to leak. I did a randalls rack conversion a long time ago but I kept the original power steering pump. I tried going onto his website but it looks like it no longer exists? Did he go out of business? If he's no longer around does anyone know how to adapt a newer pump to work with his rack and pinion? Thanks, Sean
  3. Finally got it out! There was one more bolt hidden under the dash that I missed. Now I can put the roller bearing kit on it.
  4. Hmm, I have the column removed and the brake pedal off but it still doesn't want to move much. I was hoping not to have to take off the dash.
  5. You guys were right about the nut. My next question, is there anything else holding that assembly in place? I removed all fasteners from the firewall, and the bolts going up into the dash but it doesn't really want to move. It wiggles slightly like it's loose, but it won't come out. Is it secured by something hidden in the dash too? I have to be missing something.
  6. Ah, that would make sense. I didn't think to check the brake booster. Unfortunately I'll be working for the next few days but I'll check on my next day off.
  7. Hey guys, been a while since I've posted on here. Got a new job, got married, and now I have some free time and money to start working on the car again! I just bought a rebuilt T5 trans and the modern driveline kit to swap from an auto to manual. I'm in the process of trying to remove the petal assembly to remove the old bushings and put in the roller bearing kit. The problem is that I'm left scratching my head due to this one bolt located on the top left of the assembly. It appears to be almost half moon shape and I'm not sure if that's stock and not sure how to remove it. I started trying to remove the bushings with the assembly in place but there isn't really enough room to get the rotary tool in there to grind them. Any suggestions?
  8. Sorry, but I actually sold it a while ago.
  9. Yup mine has all the above mentioned options. Remote mirror, tail pipes, visibility, hood pins, stripes. (Sure im forgetting something)
  10. I think this is a case of 'if its too good to be true, then it probably is.'
  11. If everything this guy has listed is true, this thing looks like a steal to me. It came up in my google alerts and thought id post it here if anyone is interested. Says hes only asking $6000. http://www.domesticsale.com/autoclassified/13720.html#bim
  12. Just thought I'd leave an update. Installed the new spring perches and so far no broken shocks! I can definitely feel a difference from the old ones. The car feels, I guess you could say more solid and takes turns much better.
  13. Well, roller perches it is then I guess. I stopped by the local mustang parts guy and he has them in stock for $199 for the pair. Just have to get a day off to change it all out.
  14. I know the front has been lowered but it was like that when I got it. I was thinking it may be the spring perches. Guess its time to dish out some cash for the roller perches?
  15. I have a rather strange problem. About a week ago my passenger side shock broke at the base where it bolts into the upper control arm. I took it off to replace it and it looked like part of the flange where it branches out into 2 studs to bolt into the control arm got stressed, bent, and finally broke leaving only 1 of the 2 bolts holding the shock to the control arm. I just drove back from Santa Cruz today and its making that same rattling noise it was making when it broke the first shock. (haven't climbed under to check yet but I think that's the problem) I replaced both front shocks about a week ago. What could be causing it to destroy shocks? When I put the new ones on I didn't notice anything strange or broken and I tightened them up when the full weight of the car was on them. Could it be a problem with the spring perches?
  16. I'm selling the right (passenger side) splash shield that goes on the back of the headlight bucket. I ordered both but found my original for the right. Asking $30 + shipping.
  17. I'm selling the right (passenger side) splash shield that goes on the back of the headlight bucket. I ordered both but found my original for the right. Asking $30 + shipping.
  18. Ok.:biggrin: I just ran my car duster over it and backed it out to take a few pictures. I do have some bad news though. I just found where it looks like someone backed into the trim on my hood. Its indented a little bit and I think I know when it happened... Should have checked when I thought that BMW was parked awfully close to me. But anyways, here are a few more pictures with before and after! Before: After: Before: After:
  19. Ok, so I've done some reading and research and there appears to be no easy way to do this. Neither the blower motor or heater core are broken but rather a bluetooth gps receiver and socket extension fell down the defroster vents and jammed up the blower motor (long story). The car has a/c and it looks like you pretty much have to follow what they say and tear apart your whole dash just to get the blower motor. I actually did a search on here and found that Bnickel was able to get his blower motor out by becomming a contortionist. I think your arms have to be made of rubber to be able to get all 4 of those damn screws out. Managed to get the motor out, but couldnt get it completly removed because I think the floor insulation/carpet stuff was getting in the way along with the throttle pedal and other misc. :shit: under the dash. So I'm still left without a functioning heater, hours of wasted time, (car is daily driver have to use it tomorrow) and a garage full of swearing. Guess I just wanted to vent about what a horrible design the whole heater/ac system is. Wish I could get 5 minutes alone with whoever designed it. Is there an easier way or do you have to just bite the bullet and rip out your whole dash?
  20. Thanks everyone! Its nice being able to drive it around again. No crazy driving in it now. Its getting babied everywhere. :001_smile:
  21. I am pleased to announce that I now have my car back! There are still things that need to be put back on it but as of yesterday its my daily driver again. Ill try and get some new pictures of it. I might be taking it to a 'car gathering' tomorrow morning out at Morro Bay with my boss where I guess every Saturday people bring out their cool cars and bs over coffee and just check out each others cars. I have to say though, so far I've gotten a few head turns and at work (Autozone) I've already gotten customers coming in asking who's car it is in the parking lot. On a side note, I got my Private Pilots License today! :clap: Edit: Here is a picture, that's Mr.Steve himself standing directly next to it. He busted his ass to get the rest of it put back together and road worthy. A big cheer for him.
  22. 69GT

    Jean Luc Picard

    I think I found one similar to yours bswor, found this on another board. I laughed a bit when hes looking at the painting. :biggrin: <object width="425" height="344"> <embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7jbP1_H9sA&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></object>
  23. :whistling: Haha, ya I just got back from checking it out and they got it sprayed today. I'm happy with the way it looks both the hood and stripes. This was kind of the last major piece to completing the car and I have to say, it turned out exactly how I envisioned it would.
  24. Hmm, all the measurements I found online seemed to vary quite a bit. I found a couple of different pictures with the GT stripes and showed it to them and from the pictures I think they matched it well. At least, it looks like what was on the car when I got it. They're normally thicker?
  25. Well, went by today and the stripes are all laid out. So sounds like maybe later today it will get sprayed. If not today then later this week. I also had to do something I didn't want to do which was tell them to stop working on it once they spray the stripes. The whole project is turning out to be a bit more expensive than I had originally planned. We agreed to have them spray it and see if I wanted anything else put on it by them (im thinking put in the windows and have them aligned) and then its going to come home and I'm going to finish up putting on all the small stuff.
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