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  1. Wow dude, that's awesome!!! Makes me regret selling my Mach, but, I'm sure that would fit in my new 74 F100 shortbed project, and I'd be able to do it with a smaller hood scoop haha. Extremely nice bud.
  2. Hey Ridge that Stepside looks great, and I'm liking the pre-runner look, just might have to re-think dropping it. Hell I'd drive that as is on the street np.
  3. Thank you guy's soo much, it'll try and pop it in from time to time. As far as picks it started it's life as a work truck so it's a little ruff, but totally rust free. But NO picks till I get the HORRENDOUS 22s off it lol.
  4. Hahahaha, RPM, your sense of humor is one thing I'll miss the most.
  5. I just retired (disability) this year. It was the main reason I went with a truck, much easier for me to get in and out of haha.
  6. Thank you very much David, it's been a pleasure, I'm sure I'll be popping back in from time to time.
  7. I bleed Ford Blue and always will. I admit I've owned 2 GM (cough cough) products, a Buick GS and a small block Vega (I even thought about getting another Vega and dropping a Windsor in it just to piss off the bowtie boys lol) I've been trolling both those forums you mentioned and I already like LMC. Thanks.
  8. I've had a 66, 67,68 and 69 mustang in my life from the day I turned 16 (37 years ago lol). I was gifted the 66, then bought a 68, and traded the 66 for a 72 F250 with a 360. Pulled the 360 and dropped in a TP 427, I still miss that truck to this day, and should never had let it go (especially the engine). I haven't decided for sure where I'm going with the 74 F100 shortbed, first thoughts are still drop it with a stout Windsor. But I have toy'ed with the pre-runner idea as well, we shall see. You are definitely a huge asset to this forum Ridge, thank you. When or if I miss the Mach, I'll pop back in and see what's up here. :)
  9. Not that older haha. 74 dentside shortbed with a 390. I'll end up dropping it, and throwing in a stout Windsor. It's amazing how much cheaper stuff for it is when compared to stang parts.
  10. So I decided it was time for a change. I let the Mach1 go and picked up a new project, a 74 F100 shortbed with a 390. So off to the truck forums I go. But I couldn't leave without saying goodbye and thanking you guys. This is a great forum and I wish you all the best. Randy.
  11. I sold my Mach and bought a older F100... Does that count?
  12. That stuff works pretty well, after soaking and cleaning be prepared to paint, as parts will "flash rust" fairly quickly.
  13. Well thanks for the replys guy's, I'll find out in a couple weeks if I'm gonna have to part with it. The brutal 8k estimate is about what I kinda figured, after seeing some badly rusting cars going for 3k+. I'd sell it with the original engine but being its disassembled, and what I have in it, I don't think it would add enough to the sale price of the car to make me feel better lol. Besides I can always drop it into a 1/4 mile toy later. Thanks again guys.
  14. Repo fenders don't have very crisp lines, I've seen people graft in sections of there original fenders to make the repos look better.
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