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  1. If you are close to Maryland, there is a place called Mikes mustangs and i know for sure he has both pieces you are looking for. I was there a few weeks ago getting glass for my 69 mach.
  2. I like my JME cluster. The customer service is pretty pore for the amount of money the clusters cost. I have been trying to get into contact with them for several months via email to have my clock face changed to match the gauge faces, but have had no luck.
  3. My MACH 1 is a factory dual exhaust car and it does have the floor reinforcement panels. I would say yes you should order them if you plan to put dual exhaust on your car.
  4. They are called quarter panel extension seals. http://www.cjponyparts.com/catalogsearch/result/?product_applications_year=1969&q=quarter+panel+extension
  5. I had the same problem, had to find good originals. I tried all restoration parts places with no luck.
  6. I received mine today and it is extremely nice and fits great. It fits just like the oem one.
  7. I am in Maryland. Do you have any pictures of the glass?
  8. Im in need of a set of nice original clear door glass for 70 fastback (bolt in).
  9. Keep checking eBay for a NOS piece. They pop up on there fairly often.
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