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  1. Ok that's what I thought you meant. Just wanted to make sure...I will go and check what i have going on today. As far as the little piece i was talking about...its has a curve in it that is shaped the same as the rear quarter window opening (backside). Its held on by 3 self tapping screws and fits directly underneath the chrome boomerang trim. Might be easier to take a pic huh, lol.
  2. So you measured the inside edge of the straight edges. Which would be the size of the opening of the pinch weld not the recessed area.
  3. You are correct. Never thought of that measurement... That's just as important as the other one. Not sure where your measuring from with the straight edges tho. I will go in my garage tomorrow and do a little more measuring and post results. I will measure from the pinch weld and not the recessed area and see what I come up with. I appreciate the responses Dave.
  4. I say go for it. You can take a plasma cutter and cut alot of it out, or a cut off wheel. Doing it this way can sometimes help in getting a drill or grinder in there to get those spot welds cut/ground out when in limited space. I just installed dynacorn trunk floors on my car and the fit was perfect. These are the new design items (says right on the sticker) not sure what was changed but i had no fitment issues at all.
  5. Things seem to be fitting and lining up real nice. Everything here is still screwed together other than the trunk brace and trunk floors. I think the filler panel is good where its at but I will wait on some final measurements before I weld anymore. Plenty of other stuff to do while im waiting. Does anybody know if those screw on drip rails are available that go under the boomerang molding. One is fine the other one is rotted out.
  6. Hey Dave, Yes i totally understand what your saying. I did replace the trap door surround and the filler panel so all of this section can be moved anywhere. Right now the whole rear of the car is screwed together and squared up, the trunk floors are welded in and the new rear trunk brace. I also have the outer wheelhouses welded in. So, back to my point...i have the trunk lid on and the quarter extensions on and the trunk lines up with these really nice. the filler panel is still moveable to a certain degree so i just needed to make sure on the dimensions. My measurement from the second molding pin is pretty close from what you have said, it measures 31 3/16". I do have the rear glass but no seal is on it. I will post pics if i can figure out how. Thanks for your help.
  7. That would be awesome. Where ive been measuring from is the recessed area at the top to the recessed area at the bottom. The top still has the chrome molding pins/pegs on and ive been going from the second pin inwards and keeping the tape parallel to the side. If you could grab a width too even better. Id hate to get all this welded in and then have a rear window that doesnt fit, lol. I bought my car from you neck of the woods too. Im in MN and took the drive to Ohio to get my car, originally a florida car but im guessing the sea air got to her.
  8. Thanks alot guys, appreciate the warm welcome.
  9. Hey guys, just came across this forum. Although i have a 70 fastback i hope im welcome on this 69 site :) My car is a restoration project and have just started doing all the rear end sheet metal. Quarters, wheelhouses, trunk floor, trap door surround, filler panel, tail light panel...etc, etc, etc. I was unable to take some measurements due to some of the metal being so far gone that certain pieces were just flopping around. Does anybody here have a fastback with the rear glass out and can give me any window opening measurements? I have all my sheet metal screwed on and squared up but wanted to make sure my filler panel was in the correct spot to give me the correct size window opening. If anybody can shoot me some measurements id really appreciate it. Thanks in advance, name is Al by the way. Looking forward to B/S'n with you guys more in the future.
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