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  1. K8157 just sold on ebay. Should have updated this earlier but everything other than the clutch pedal repair shaft has sold on ebay. Thought some items might have gone to you guys on here but not one thing sold ...so good ol ebay.
  2. Have a new lens kit for sale, 4 pieces. Never used just took it out the box for pics. $40 shipped.
  3. I have a 69 driver side dash bezel for sale. This is a deluxe bezel but no woodgrain is included. I was thinking $50 plus the ride, open to offers. Some gauges are missing but the bezel itself is nice, no broken tabs or cracks.
  4. Tried to PM you mike, your inbox is full. Shoot me a message when you can, still have the lenses for sale.
  5. All items are brand new other than the wood grain and brake pedal.
  6. Reasonable offers will be considered plus the cost of the ride.
  7. Radiator brackets and tie rod sleeves sold.
  8. I believe I paid 40 for the brackets and 10 for the isolators. How does $40 sound incuding shipping? Shoot me a PM if interested and ill give you my paypal address.
  9. I have a few parts that I no longer need. I have a pair of used but good boomerang drip rails, not the boomerang trim itself but the part under that is held on with 3 screws. Set of brand new ford racing hood pins. Brand new scott drake windshield stop kit (pair with screws). Brand new strut rod bushings, PN K8157. Brand new lower radiator brackets with new isolators. New scott drake clutch pedal repair shaft. Brand new scott drake sport mirror glass. Pair of brand new proforged billet tie rod sleaves. Bead blasted/painted auto brake pedal for manual brakes. Also have a pair of really nice wood grain panels, all restored, black has been repainted on bezels (no broken tabs), wood grain is really nice, driver side has all new lenses, clock is in very nice shape but could use a new lens or some time polishing the old lens, clock also has fomoco harness on back. Make offers! I can email or text pics, PM if interested. Thanks.
  10. light teak I believe. Shoot me your email for pics
  11. I have a set of restored driver and passenger wood grain panels complete. Bezels have been re painted, cluster has new lenses, no broken tabs or cracks. Clock is untested, clock has original fomoco wiring harness on the back of it. Looking for $450...I can text or email pics, send a PM if interested with number or email address.
  12. All the mustang places have this now, depending on where you look it goes for between $55-$60
  13. Thanks guys, yeah I guess ive got a glued on deal. Oh well time to bust out the little dremel tool and start grinding away.
  14. I finished restoring all my wood grain dash parts, just changed out all the dash lens for new ones. All I have left to do is the clock lens, does the knob for adjusting the time just pull off? I don't want to break anything, also this lens is glued on, is that normal or has somebody glued it on in the past? Thanks.
  15. Plus one on Virginia mustang. We use them a lot for interior panels, they have all been pretty good.
  16. I have a bag full of them if you are interested in some still. Just used them on a 67 Shelby I restored, correct style.
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