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  1. Hmm that's something I was not thinking about I will go tinker with them again and check the bulb. Thanks for the idea Brian
  2. Good morning, I am in the finishing stages of bringing my car project back to life and I am having an issue with my tail lights. All lights in the car work and function but my running lights will not come on. The tail lights and blinkers both work for both sides. Any ideas why all these lights would work except the running lights? I have also replaced the headlight switch and turn signal switch. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Good morning, I am in the process of replacing a standard 1969 steering wheel to a rimblow steering wheel (a stupid ridiculously expensive choice on my part) and I was wondering if anyone knows if the rimblow uses a horn contact kit and horn spring that is used for the Standard steering wheel. Replacing the switch was enough of a pain so I figured I would come here to get a quick answer instead of trial and error. I was under the impression that since the switch is in the steering wheel itself that no spring or horn contact kit would be needed. If anyone has any experience to share I would greatly appreciate it.
  4. Perfect, Thank you all so much this helps alot.
  5. I know this may seem dumb but I am in the process of restoring my gauges in my 69 mach 1 and since I have never seen the dash light up at night I am not sure what color the gauges are supposed to be. I see these LED kits in blue green red but I just want to know what color is the factory hue. Again I apologies for the dumb question but i can't seem to find what I am looking for on Google. I just want to replace the bulbs and the filter lens to appear factory.
  6. Thank you for the quick reply bob, I do have faith in the person that is going to help me work on the car he has a leisure mustang and a strip mustang as well as a very impressive resume of builds with some references. Would it be better to go ahead and replace the fuel tank all together or just clean it? I noticed that you did't have any information about suspensions is this typically something that does pretty well over time without use? The car has 38K miles on it (has not been rolled)
  7. Hello everyone, Sorry to be a newb here but I have a scenario I never thought would happen that I need some help. My brother inherited my fathers 1969 Mach 1 390 S code which last ran in 1996. It has spent most of its life in a garage but it did spend about 10 years in the elements. It is pretty straight and all intact. He recently got engaged and his fiance approached me and said she would like to fix up his vehicle as a wedding present to ride away in on their wedding day. She has a budget of $10,000. I completely understand that this is no something that can be fully explained or represented without pictures or seeing the car in person I would just like to know what items I should replace to strictly make it safe and street-able(not a resto-mod project). I have a person who is going to do some trade work for the labor so I should be able to save money there I just wanted to know what are some ideas of items to replace assuming the engine is not beyond repair. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will be documenting the rebuild with lots of pictures. If this belongs in another section I apologize this is my first attempt at a forum.
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