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  1. I purchased almost my entire interior from CJ and did not have any issues at all, just do your research before you buy.
  2. Thank you for the help everyone. I found and fixed the problem! The previous owner had done some modifications and it has a '70 spacer plate with a 1/2 hose coming from the PCV valve into the spacer plate, the plastic nipple on the spacer plate was broken, I fixed that and took it down the road and the problem seems to have gone away.
  3. I do have points but I have ordered the petronix ignition to eliminate points. The carb is not the original that came on the car someone installed it after but it is close to the original I cant recall the number off hand but it is a Holley
  4. Thanks for the reply. I will check those things tomorrow.
  5. I have just finished restoring a 1969 GT 428CJ and took it out for its first big road trip this past weekend. I had ran it up and down the highway before the trip a few times the and had over 100 miles on it and everything seemed fine, I put over 200 miles on it on this trip and I started to notice a bog right during acceleration in any gear. Most noticeably from a stop, it almost dies going through an intersection but then picks up and runs fine. Even at 70mph and in 4th gear if I let off the gas and get back on it quickly the bog is there but not so much if I roll through the acceleration. I did not notice this when first running it in the days prior but after getting on it and really running it for a day it showed up. I have checked the vacuum lines and all seems well. I have read some information that it could be the accelerator pump or even the squirters? Any thoughts or information would be great.
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