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  1. Yep....That is for the power steering cylinder (frame side mount)
  2. Actually just remembered I need to do mine. Any thoughts or things to note in order to achieve a nice and clean install ( besides where the seam goes)? I have yellow 3M glue (part no. 08001)
  3. Yeah....the divorce delay got in the way! Lol. All is good and we remain good friends. It it is good to be back! PS: I incorrectly installed windshield last year and had it removed and installed professionally today. 3 people (professionals) refused to take out my carlite glass. They were all gung-ho until they came and saw the condition of the car.....they all said it couldn’t come out without cracking. The last guy with 31 years experience got it out in one piece.
  4. Brian.....very interesting. Maybe it’s correct and I’m just over thinking it. It was getting to the point where I checking to see if I could somehow get the tail of the tranny lower on the cross member to make the whole motor tilt up in the front. Dave
  5. Awesome pics and info guys! Just have to reroute a little then he mounting holes should make more sense. Dave
  6. wondering if anyone pictures of a speedo cable in place without an installed motor or info on routing and placement of clips? Dave
  7. Using the original radiator and the original pads. Thought about using a dremel to cut in some vertical slots but want to make sure I’m overlooking something.
  8. Ok....I misplaced the original rubber pads for the lower mounts...and ordered new ones....so I can’t compare thicknesses. I will also check motor mounts to see if there are different holes to lower with. thanks
  9. Curious what people get for clearances from clutch fan blades to fan shroud on a 428. I seem to only have about 1/4” between the blades and shroud at the 6 O’clock position. I have a 1” gap at the top. My concern is that when the blades flex under load, they may hit the shroud. Dave
  10. Hey Casey ! Long time! I’m pretty sure they were bolted on. We did these on a friends car in high school and I don’t recall any welding. That’s a sweet color with the black stripe. Dave
  11. Hi all! i have the baby blue clutch pedal return spring that needs correct install advice. I assume the coiled end attaches at the firewall , then does it go over or under the equalizer bar? thanks in advance!
  12. You can order new door panels without the window crank hole.....in case you want to put the window switches in your center console.
  13. Hi all, installing newly reconditioned instrument cluster(with new circuit board) and reconditioned underdash harness by midlife. I plugged the connector in the back and all I get is a left turn signal indicator and ALT light. Is this something I just have to play with?
  14. Does anyone know if the instrument cluster needs to be installed in order to get power to the ignition switch? l get under dash courtesy lights, deluxe seatbelt light and wipers. No power to the horn or ignition switch. Thanks
  15. Hi, They painted all the rings so it was ready for me to pop the gauges back in.
  16. After a major delay callled life.....I’m back in the saddle again.....
  17. Hey all, anyone know the correct way to route the negative battery cable and starter csble?’ thanks in advance, Dave
  18. My trim ring had sone sort of gray strip body caulk that I had to clean out before repainting.
  19. Getting back into the swing of things.... does anyone know what type of socket or fitting to fit on the oil pump shaft so I can put a drill on it to prime the oil system? Dave
  20. .....and the other reason for considering LEDis for the white halo ring ....but not sure about the look of the halo.
  21. It looks like halogens with the relays that midlife recommended might be the way to go. I’ll still post any info I get from my contact at Cree.
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