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  1. I went with a C6 behind my 351w stroked to a 427w. Wish I would have gone manual or a built c4. JBA headers didn't fit on mine with the shock tower delete and rod and custom rack and Pinion. Had to go with bbk headers.
  2. Gets wired and plumbed in a couple weeks. I bought all new glass and power windows for it as well. I am deleting the heater and installing a kenwood double din navigation unit. Here in Southern California no need for a heater and if it gets hot just roll down the windows.
  3. I welded mine shut then sprayed with lizard skin. Ill be placing a speaker and custom cover soon. Ill keep you posted.
  4. I have 2 houses and split time between the two. When I ordered my engine I told them this and they said I can use my Nevada address and not pay the sales tax.3 months later they are changing their story and they have not been able to get all of the parts together for my build. Doesn't add up.
  5. I called CHP this morning since the completion date is in a week and I needed to make the final payment. Their response was a 6 minute hold followed up by we don't have all of the parts to finish it and it's going to be a while. He also then informed me that he was going to have to charge me an extra $894.00 for sales tax that we agreed I wasn't going to have to pay because I used my Nevada address (they are a California company). We started this build 3 months ago and he took the 50% downpayment 6000$. I was promised progress pics of my engine being built and communication on where we were in the process. I have gotten one pic of a pile of parts and I had to call 3x a month ago to ask why I wasn't getting any updates on my build. So my reply was well, that wasn't in the agreement and you guys are not going to be able to deliver by the date promised. So it appears if you can't honor the terms, I'll just go buy a Ford crate motor and will take a refund. He then promised to call me back within 30 minutes to see what he could do. It's been 3 hours and no call back. Any reccomendations? They build a damn fine engine and are semi local and I don't want to cut off my nose to spite my face but... Once people start the bait and switch and are going to be at least a month beyond their promised delivery date their credibility starts looking like swiss cheese. Not returning a call when you say you will is just the icing on the cake and for me a BIG personal pet peeve.
  6. Yeah Rich is helping me Ditch the towers as well. If anyone is interested in a Borgenson unit and stock suspension and steering PM me. All parts are brand new in box. I also have brand new global west tubular monte carlo bar, global west tower brace, and GW adjustable strut rods and Baer 11'' disk conversion kit for stock disk applications.
  7. I'll be rocking a combination of these two. http://www.mustangstofear.com/page.php?page=parts_catalog&yr=69-70&cat=interior∏=center_consoles and http://www.shop.speedunlimited.com/p-9760-hurst-3838530-v-matic-3-automatic-shifter-gm-ford-chrysler.aspx Once its all done I'll post some pics. Maybe Rich from MTF will even post 'em since he is doing them.
  8. I replaced the passenger door with a Dynacorn shell and had zero problems. Gap is fine and lined up awesome. Plus didn't have to spend a ton of time blocking and re-blocking. Worth the money.
  9. Mustang to Fear is going to be making some with electric windows and 6.5 componenet speaker cutouts. those should be awesome.
  10. Not sure Bobby. She is getting some additional body work done. On my end I ordered some power seats, rear seats, full console, deluxe panel inserts, and dash parts from Mustangs To Fear. Cant wait to get moving again.
  11. If anyone has one let me know how much. I am in So Cal. are you willing to ship.
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