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  1. I know this may sound stupid to most of you, but here goes! Getting ready to do the drop and had a brain fart, using the template do the new holes go above or below the factory ones? Meaning will the new holes be closer to the top of the fender/ hood or closer to the ground? Hope the question makes sense? Steve
  2. So I want to upgrade to rear dics brakes. Currently have power front disc with drum on rear. Upgrading master cylinder to Wildwood with adjustable portioning valve. I'm also upgrading my wheels from 14 inch to 15x8 Magnum 500 from specialty Wheels with 4.5 offset. Running a 408 stroker with FMX, 3.25 LSD. So my question is what rear disc set up would be the simplest to install ? I want to make sure I can inslall my emergency brake cable. I understand some 15 inch wheels still have issues with fitting on rear discs. Any suggestions?
  3. I need to order some parts for the rear end of my 69 351w with FMX tranny 3.00 rear end. Everything is original. Is there a easy way to tell if I have a large or small bearing with out having to take the axle apart?
  4. Think I'll just get new Motorcraft drums and drilled and slotted rotors for my stock set up with Porterfield pads and shoes.
  5. Any more thoughts on this post?
  6. I currently have stock power front disc brakes and rear drums. I need new calipers or rebuilt and new rotors. Can I convert to 4 piston calipers ? Is it worth it and how much work is it? I could go with the stock setup and put high quality pads and shoes, thoughts on this?
  7. Does anyone know it any off the big Mustang parts houses sell Speciality Wheels or do you need to go directly to them?
  8. There are no markings on the heads, So I don't know who made them. I was told that additional work was done on the heads, it's all a mystery!
  9. So I ended up with this engine to settle a debt did not have much choice it was this or nothing. The engine has never run since the rebuild. I got a few notes with the engine that's about it, can anyone interpret the following: - ALL NEW CNC ALUMINUM CYLINDER HEADS POWER MAKING FEATURES!!. Bowls blended,full severe duty 2.05/1.60 valves plus ... 1.45 springs 70 degree super locks comp cam parts..good porting..7/16 studs guide plates.gasket match p.c seals.chrome moly retainers 110 center line 587 - 597 lift 1.6 ratio = . 248/250 dur @ 050 Basic settings 12 degree @ 1000 rpm and 36 total at 3000 rpm no vacuum advance Jets 70 using 750 holley vac sec. idle about 1000 rpm . For the dist use only a mechanical advance model The guy I got it from claims the builder said the engine would produce 517+ hp @ 4400 RPM 459 ft. lbs torque 4500 RPM but who knows! I know it’s not a lot of info and it’s not real clear. Any thoughts on this or opinions about this would be a great help! Steve
  10. Being that this is about tuning I thought I would ask this question here. I have a Petronix II distributor with mechanical advance ( engine builder said mechanical advance only), Will this require me to have the distributor re-curved? If so please tell me how this is done? Steve
  11. Talked with IDIDT Tech support they do not have an adapter for the Ford splined column to use non stock wheel, Talked with Tech for Grant according to them their 3294 adapter will work on the IDIDT column with the Ford spline to install Grant steering wheels. I don't know about Flaming River.
  12. Mustang, It's set up for the original wheel Ford splined I think I heard Ididit sells adapters for this set up have you used them?
  13. Brian, Thanks for the picture!
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