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  1. Does anyone know what the smallest size tire that I can use as a spare that will fit in the trunk for a 69 Mach 1. I have 15" wheels on it now. :yes: Thanks, Marlene//
  2. I purchased a set of 351 from NPD, very nice quality. M//
  3. Yes, you are correct, With everyones help, I have determined that they are a coat hanger looking hook. These are easy to get, Thanks for everybodys help. MarVan
  4. Thanks everybody for all your comments. It turns out that they are a black plastic hook that looks like what you would hang a hangar on. I can get them at any mustang parts catalog. Would not have know without everyones help. Thanks again, MarVan
  5. Looking for 2 shoulder harness hooks for 69 Mach 1. that attach to the head liner above the front window toward the front. MarVan
  6. Yes, Thanks, That is what I am looking for, if anyone knows where I can get one, please let me know. I have tried looking on ebay, internet sites, and catalogs, etc. with no luck. MarVan
  7. I saw one that was fully restored a while back, and it had the metal hooks that looked like an upside down long gated U. It was round at the top, and the elastic string drapped over this hook. But I will check into the coat hooks also. I purchased the car about 3 months ago. It was all original right down to the paint, with only 70, 000 miles on it. Very little was ever changed. The only thing missing was the shoulder harness hooks. It is presently being restored. I will let everyone know what I find out. Thanks for your help. MarVan
  8. Mine have the he elastic part sewed on to the shoulder harness, I need the metal hook part (retainer) that holds the shoulder harness up above the window towards the front of the car. Thanks, MarVan
  9. Does anyone know where I can get the shoulder harness retainer clips for 69 Mach 1. These hold the shoulder harness up over the windows. I can find the 68 or 71 -73, but not the 69. Thanks, Mar Van
  10. Does any one know how to remove a seat belt buckel from the belt on a 69 Ford Mustang. These are the deluxe ones with chome platting around the edges and the starburst push botton. Any help you would be appriciated. Marlene
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