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  1. I am looking for the inner structure piece for a 69 fastback that goes under the quarter window to the B Pillar for.both sides.
  2. Why do they only offer a weld and sealant manual for 1970, is it because the 69 is so similar, I have all thier other manuals.
  3. Sorry it took so long to get back, been working on my girl friends 68 f100, thanks for the info. So from my research and what you guys are saying basically the 70-73 brakes are the same, and will work, I will just need to get parts for a 70-73 brake system. And the tie rod bevel is larger needing a 70-73 tie rod end. Thanks guys appeciate it.
  4. Sweet ride, I bought my fastback in the summer of 86, it was my high school car too. Still gathering parts to rebuild it, found a shell in a junk yard with a good set of rear quarters and tail light panel I badly needed for the project.
  5. I have found a set of disc brakes on a 71-73 body, will these spindles work on my 69 fastback.
  6. I still need to fill out that info, i'm in northwest Florida, up close to Panama city and Pensacola area.
  7. I need the front door frame section to fit a 69 fastback, mine is rusted out. I need it from the bottom of the windshield down to the rocker panel. Drivers side. I haven't found this portion reproduced so assuming i've got to buy it from a donor car.
  8. I need to replace one of the front door jambs and both rear door jambs on my 69 fastback, I can't remember so figured I'd ask you guys. Are the ones on the front side of a coupe the same as the fastback, and what about the back ones, if I remember right the back ones are different. Have a shot at a coupe for parts, but only if I can use the parts.
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