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  1. I used his parts in the last C4 i rebuilt, pretty good stuff and reasonably well priced, but i found there communication was hopeless which i find very frustrating.
  2. When it comes to converters i recommend getting one built for your car not one off the shelf, ive got a couple of really good ones from this guy www.ultimateconverter.com
  3. They use them on XY falcons in australia which are very popular here. Just an idea though, maybe i might just stick to the original plan and use a boss 429 scoop.
  4. It's on a 408w small block, I was gonna use this setup http://www.falcongt.com.au/shop/shopexd.asp?id=2554
  5. Yep im hearing what ya saying, i was thinking the same thing, maybe the stud holes in the carb could be opened up abit which could allow it the to sit flat on the base, but i dunno....
  6. Just wondering has anyone angle milled the carb base on a high rise intake like a Victor Jr for better hood cleance or for trying to get shaker to possibly fit??
  7. Shaun I'm sorry to say xxxx is prob not much better than the fosters hahaha ( bring on the state of origin!!) Just having a look at the JD Ridler wheels they look quite nice... Barny do you mean the green card??
  8. Hey Bob what's your opinion of the year one gauge bezel ??
  9. Haha, do you know you can't even buy that possum piss here in Australia !!! I've seen those wheels a lot around here I guy I know swears by them he has them on a corvette and a 57 chev, very cheap aswell.
  10. Good barny how are you, I seen them on a build on an oz forum tried getting in contact with the guy but no go.
  11. Anyone know brand these wheels are ??, i think they are a torque thrust style.
  12. Anyone know brand these wheels are ??, i think they are a torque thrust style.
  13. HahahaFosters is the almost the worst beer ever, unit I tried Budweiser and Millers!!
  14. Thanks for the replies and advice fellas i appreciate it. I will keep stewing over it!!
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