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  1. +1 on this. I bought my car with the aftermarket hood trim and it just doesn't look right. Managed to find an original at Carlisle for a great price though.
  2. Now offering 50% off, or best offer. Just pay shipping! I'm out of cash and need more parts for my rebuild! I'll update the list to remove what's been sold as well.
  3. If you need another pedal support I have one that I pulled out of my auto/pb car that you can have. Just pay for shipping. The only marks on the support are the bushings where the clutch would attach. They were ground off a while back before it was decided to return the car to its original build (C-6 auto). My son put in a repro rather than use the original.
  4. I posted a list of parts for sale a while back and still have most. Offering 20% off to help cover shipping too. I can send photos if interested. -New repro A/T brake pedal. I ordered the wrong one over a year ago and just found out as we went to install. NPD lists for $80. Will sell for $60 Original parts: -floor console ash tray assembly, C9ZB65048A-AW. $60 -two backup lights, rough shape but could be restored, C7ZB154509A and C7ZB15515A. One has original lens screws. $20 -one front turn signal, rough but original lens with paint overspray. $10 -one sail panel light, very rough condition. $free, just pay shipping -deluxe door panel courtesy lights, pair, C9WB13739A and C9WB13745A. One needs wiring pigtail. $65 -one grille headlight bezel, has broken tab, RH C9ZB13061. $10 -one door panel walnut wood grain insert. Has some broken tabs $20 -pedal support, has clutch bushing ground off (was going to be replaced with new bushing). $25 -Pair of '70 door panels. Fair condition, usual cracks, etc on armrest but carpet seciton is in good condition. $50
  5. RavenR, I've sent you a few messages a while ago and haven't heard back. Are the door panels still for sale?
  6. At my 20th anniversary dinner, I talked my wife into letting me buy a classic mustang. It cost me a bottle of wine and agreeing to move the laundry room from the basement to one of the bedrooms on the main floor. So, I knocked the back wall of the garage down and rolled the car into the basement to work on during the winter (garage is a section of the basement in my house). After seeing all the time and money (mostly money) that I've put into it so far, I bet she's now thinking she got ripped off big time.
  7. Sent you a PM about the door panels.
  8. These are black and original. Has some cracking around the door cups and shows some wear. They would need some restoration but definitely not dyeable to white. It was worth asking I guess
  9. Dave- I have two sets of all the trimmings so if you're looking to sell a set of panels I'm interested. Mike
  10. +1 I have a relative with a 69 non-mach CJ (original owner) and the trim ring is semigloss black as well
  11. I have a pair of 70 door panels that I can't use for my 69 Mach and would be interested in swapping with you, assuming they are in similar condition. PM me if you're interested. Mike
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