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  1. did you buy one? I may have it. 443-359-0016
  2. I have a 70 CJ 429 which is not exactly what he wants but close 443-359-0016
  3. I can do Paypal or I am heading to BWI airport in a couple weeks to pick someone up,I could me you if you want.
  4. The block is DOVE-A But the number above is a partial vin on rear of block. That starts with 0.Thanks for help.
  5. Was left to me from dad. I was always told it was 70 but maybe not. Doesnt the 0 mean 70? The pistons do say cobra jet and it is a 429.
  6. In my familly forever it seems. I have block,crank,cam,pistons and rods,fans and pulleys,water pump and other small stuff. Also a set of NOS Hooker super comp headers. Would like to sell and dont know value but would like to reunite with person who has car. Was a 70 mach. I'm in Delaware. Thanks in advance!
  7. Pics,little ding on one side,This can be massaged out from back,it is not creased. Tabs intact.
  8. Im pretty sure I have the lower windshield moulding if thats what you mean. I can do 35 shipped in US. Let me know. Thanks
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