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  1. There is just something about a FE coupe!! Larry
  2. If you can afford them, they are worth it! I have them on my 66 Shelby and realy like them. Larry
  3. Sorry, I don't even know who Terry Box is. Hope you have a great time. Larry
  4. http://www.quantum-perf.com/Grand%20Opening%20Flyer%20-%20Generic%203.0.pdf There is a new Mustang parts supplier in town and they are having a show next Sat. I won't get to go. My step daughter is graduating high school and said, if I didn't make it to graduation it would go on my permenet record. Hope some of you get to go though. Larry
  5. I am the weird one then. I saved my money till I could buy a car I can drive. It does require a large display case though! Larry
  6. It's not all coupes that take a hit. NADA list my 66 KGT coupe at $41,000 if in #1 condition. I think that is fair if not alittle high. It's just the 69/70 cj coupes that don't get any respect from NADA. OK rant over. I just ought to be happy that all the cars I own were bought for way under NADA pricing. Larry
  7. Yep, according to NADA my 69 scj coupe has gone from $26K to $31K if in top shape. They also say you should be able to find one of the other 51 scj coupes for under 10 grand if it is complete and needing restoration. I sure would like to find some of those $10,000 scj coupes.
  8. Randy Marble must have sold the blue vert. It had someone elses name on it at AER.
  9. I think the gray hood came about because a garage door closed on the hood. It was easier to gray it out than to match the blue paint. A.R.E. was huge. It just gets bigger every year. Larry
  10. Congratulations on the win. It was a great day for a show. I thought about checking it out, but had to many other things to do. I saw the blue 69 convert at AER yesterday. You must have a realy nice car to have beaten it. Larry
  11. Man that sucks! My wife hates my cars without any horror stories like this. Now I know why I like to do things myself. Good luck ! Larry
  12. Thats the way I feel about it. All my cars are drivers that were painted in the last century. I love not having to stay for the awards ceramony. It's great leaving before the Texas sun really sets in. Congrats on the second!! Larry
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