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  1. Yes, new bearing also..Im in the process of replacing my steering box when I get an hr here and there. Will take the inspection cover off and take a look when possible.
  2. Yes, the driveshaft was fabricated. The clutch engages ok, it just doesnt seem right for the fork to have so much up and down play.
  3. Ive got a Mach S code Im finishing up, numbers matching toploader 4 close ratio 4 speed with factory Hurst T handle style shifter. Everything gone through. New Zoom 2 clutch, and bell housing taken off large 70 truck d/t crack in the originals fork opening. Car drives and shifts, but shudders a lot on slow or incline take offs. Clutch fork can be moved about an inch top to bottom in the opening. Is this normal? Also can anyone post a pic of a similar linkage, so I can see if my bushing kit is accurate? seems like I need washers or something behind the clips..
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