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  1. I am parting out a 69 Grande that is complete minus long block. This is a project that I started on and have decided on concentrating my time and money on my convertible. The body has no rust and is ready to be blocked and sanded. It has new floor pans welded and finished with POR15. It is an A/C, P/S,P/B car. It has new rotors, calipers, pads, and bearings on the front and new drums, shoes, wheel cylinders, and hardware on the rear. I have a new heater core still in the box. The original FMX is with it, the block and heads are gone. I have all other engine parts, from carb to oil pan. The interior is all there except the door panels. The seats need refinishing and the carpet is gone. I do have new underlayment. The dash is out and has been sand blasted and primed. It was originally Cardinal red with black interior and vinyl top. I have a clean GA title. Since I can't seem to sell the car whole I guess I'll part it out. Let me know what you need, if any interest in the car as a whole, I'll take 3500.00. It's located 60 miles south of Atlanta. Pictures are available upon request. I also have a set of 4 speed pedals out of a Mach 1 as well as 3 different clock/instrument clusters(all wood grain, 2 walnut, 1 teak).
  2. I have 3 deluxe dash sets, 2 dark walnut and 1 light. All have clocks and are in exceptional shape.
  3. I have a good clutch ad brake pedal assembly for sale. Make offer.
  4. I have a complete front brake setup that I'm getting rid of. I have brand new rotors, calipers, and pads that have never been on the road. They are installed on a project car that we have decided to go a different route on. I'm asking 300.00 plus your drum setup. This is for everything including spindles. I'm 60 miles south of Atlanta. I can send pictures upon request.
  5. This is a project that i just don't have time for. It has most of the major bodywork completed, all body panels are sound. The floor pans and inner fender panels are brand new, it's actually still at the body shop being finished up. It has brand new seatfoam and TMI seat covers. The dash pad is pretty good but has a couple of cracks around speaker. It has original matching FMX but condition is unknown. The engine is gone, i do have the original 4 bbl intake, exhaust manifolds, alternator,p/s pump, brackets, basically everything that bolts to the engine. Has 15" Magnum 500's with decent tires. Also has new top still in box and many other parts I'm sure I'm leaving out. Asking 5000.00. I'm. In Macon 60 miles south of Atlanta. Pictures available upon request, I can't seem to upload pictures right now.
  6. I found a set of 70 regulators and door glass in a wrecked convertible, only thing is the guy won't tell me what he wants for the setup. He wants me to make him an offer. If everything is in good condition what's a good offer?
  7. I have a friend with a set of BBS LM 18x8.5 with a 5.75 bs and 18x10 with 6.5 bs that he will sell for 500.00. That's half of thec ost of one wheel. Can I make that work on my 69 with factory suspension?
  8. This one comes with p/s pump, a/c compressor, alternator, and brackets as well as manifolds, coil, and matching 69 fmx. I was thinking around 450 for everything.
  9. I have a 351 m code block, crank, rods, pistons, intake, and exhaust manifolds as well as a FMX that are all C9 date code. The block is a virgin block never bored with the original C9 stamped rod and main bearings. It has an Autolite 4300 carb but it is a D0SF carb. Heads are not available as I am keeping them for one of my other 69s. The short block is still assembled and looks to be a low mileage engine. Make an offer and we'll go from there. I'm sure I'm leaving something out buy feel free to ask any questions. Also the transmission has the torque converter. I'm located 45 minutes south of Atlanta. I would entertain partial trades for 70 model door glass assemblies and deluxe door panels for a 69.
  10. I have 2 69's that I am currently rebuilding, one is a 351w m code grande that I am building for my son. We are fuel injecting it with drivetrain from a 95 gt. The other is a convertible 351 h code that I ran across and couldn't pass up. It came as a roller but u have built a 95 Windsor for it and stroked it to a 408. In the process of rounding up parts over the last 2 years, I acquired a 69 351w complete minus heads(someone put e7 heads on it). Anyone have any idea of the value of the block (looks to be standard), factory 4 bbl intake and autolite carb (d0sf f)? I may sell the engine and need an idea of what it's worth. I have access to a set of c9 heads but need some work.
  11. It is a 5x4.5 pattern. I'm just wondering what these would look like on a 69.
  12. I ran across a set of 18x8 BBS 2 piece forged RS-GT wheels for 350.00. It says on their website that the offset is 38, whatever that means. I can't find the backspacing on the website. These came off of a Lexus GS. They retail for 870.00 each. It's a great deal and even comes with tires. I need a big wheel to clear the GT500 brakes that I have to go on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I may go ahead and put a carb on it to get it up and running, has anyone had problems with the fuel pump eccentric hitting the front of the timing cover? My cover from a 289 hit, I haven't tried the 76 302 cover yet. BTW, I have all original accessories and brackets to the 69. As far as water pump, I planned on just using the 69 model with the factory radiator. I assume that the timing covers from 69-76 are the same but we all know what happens when we assume.
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