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  1. PSA...do not use AVIS rental cars

    Another rental story here... While we were living in NW FL, we decided to spend one Christmas in Key West. We stayed on the Marines Base they have there, just by the Coast Guards facilites. Super nice! I had rented - and prepaid - a car for the whole week long stay. A little north of $450 had been taken by the rental company on our bank account the day prior our arrival there. The day we get there, at the counter, the clerk announced rather loudly (lots of people queueing next to us) that my card "failed" the credit check. To which I answered it was a debit card, that I was from abroad, didn't have/needed/required a credit card, therefore had no credit history in the US, but car was paid and enough money on the account to actually buy the car. "No Sir, I can't give you the car because you failed US credit checks." I was stuck there with my wife and two kids (2 and 9). I politely told him that the money had been withdrawn already from our account and that they owed us that car. For the third time, he used the failed credit BS. To which I finally answered that if he called me a failure in front of my family and the rest of the line of customers one more time, I would make sure his nose kissed his keyboard several times in a rather violent way. That's when he called security on me... It is a real shame I had to flash my US military ID card to the deputy sherif to get things back to where I was considered human again. We loved Key West and the Keys in general!! But hated the dark side of US business and bank credit system... G
  2. Advice on painting rocker covers

    Those covers look absolutely fantastic. Super nice job! G
  3. Front End Squeak Intermittent

    I have had this squeaking issue literally for decades now... Comes and goes. At one point, I thought it was affected by outside temperature, but then I get it in hot or cold weather. It depends. I too completely restored my front end with quality parts (Moog), and I have my grease pump handy. But it keeps coming back... I recently read that spring perches bushings can be the cause. And that roller bearing spring perches, in addition to improving overall handling, could be a fix to this squeaky mess. So I pulled the trigger on these: http://www.virginiaclassicmustang.com/mobile/65-73-ROLLER-BEARING-SPRING-PERCHES-PAIR-P167809.aspx I should receive them in a week or two. That'll be my next move in the squeaky department. G
  4. This is not body work !!

    Well, he is crying his eyes out... He intended to have it completely rebuilt, but facing the amount of work and associated cost, he then started to think about a Dynacorn body, but it would be near impossible to register it so now, he is thinking about parting it out to sell what's sellable and scrap the rest...
  5. This is not body work !!

    I can tell you that a majority of the classics that are sold on eBay to buyers on my side of the "pond" are that way... We call them "sausages". You know, the poor quality ones they stuff with shit even porcs wont eat... Well, it's a shame, really, because a few assholes have managed to make this kind of "work" known as the "US restored cars". You won't find a more derogatory term on European forums now... Such a pity. Look at this 'vert. Was bought on eBay a couple months ago by a guy in my area. Over $30k. All the typical symptoms: bright red paint with shiny alloy wheels. Then here's what he found under the carpets, and after he sandblasted the lower rear Qpanels. Ugh... Makes me cringe. G
  6. Anyone know this bozo?

    Super nice write up. Congrats Bozo, sorry, Randy! LOL Keep them Mustangs rolling! G
  7. Need some Chevy and Mopar jokes

  8. Which radio do i get

    The typical post engine rebuild paranoia... It goes after a couple thousand miles without issues, it's only a matter of trust. LOL G
  9. Windshield Removal Tool

    Yup. Or this will happen...
  10. Windshield Removal Tool

    That black urethane stuff is a freaking nightmare to work with. Three years later I still have bad dreams about it. My wife says I have PTSD... G
  11. 1969 GT Sportsroof

    Exactly. Like some kind of apex Asphalt Predator... G
  12. 1969 GT Sportsroof

    I am in love with my 69. Springtime feelings. LOL
  13. Need help regarding tires

    And again, don't get me wrong, I've been using them for 12 years, so I like them too! They just don't grip well at all per today's standards. On a side note, I too lived for a while (3 years +) on the Gulf Coast (Pensacola FL). And yes, it gets pretty hot in summer. It can rain pretty hard too. But when it does, there's way too much water on the roads to go drive a freshly restored Mustang. LOL G
  14. I bought another one!

    That's cool!
  15. I bought another one!

    Congrats!! Agree with the Aussies, that would cost 10 times more over here too... What's in it? 302? G