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  1. Guillaume69

    2nd Boss 302 Gathering - France - 8 Sept 2018

    Our participants list is growing, crossing the 30 cars mark. Hope to see more 69-70 Boss 302 European owners join us! G 1/ Guillaume69 - 2013 GB Boss 302 - FRA (I+P) 2/ Olive74 - 1970 MB Boss 302 - FRA (I+P) 3/ Phœnix101 - 2012 RR Boss 302 - FRA (I+P) 4/ Armazeus - 2012 KB Boss 302 - FRA (P) 5/ Pachouille - 2012 BR Boss 302 LS - CH (I+P) 6/ Spider69 - 2013 SBY Boss 302 - FRA (I+P) 7/ Davis302 - 2013 GB Boss 302 - FRA (I+P) 8/ Charles26 - 2013 RR Boss 302 - FRA (I+P) 9/ Gérard - 2013 GB Boss 302 - CH (I+P) 10/ OrangeBoss - 2012 CO Boss 302 - FRA (I+P) 11/ Boubous - 2013 SBY Boss 302 - FRA (I+P) 12/ Karim63 - 2013 SBY Boss 302 - FRA (I) 13/ Jo Koos - 2012 CO Boss 302 - LUX 14/ Dennis Korte - 2013 RR Boss 302 - ALL 15/ Rouki89 - 2012 PW Boss 302 - FRA (I+P) 16/ Frank Riff- 2013 GHIG Boss 302 - ALL 17/ Ian Kirby - 2013 LS - UK (I+P) 18/ Simon Roose - modèle à confirmer - UK 19/ Bernard34 - 2013 RR Boss 302 - FRA (I+P) 20/ Nono73 - 2012 BR Boss 302 LS - FRA (I+P) 21/ Geoffrey - 2013 GHIG Boss 302 - FRA (I+P) 22/ Loulou - 2013 BS Boss 302 LS - FRA (I+P) 23/ Facty - 2013 GB Boss 302 - FRA (I+P) 24/ Ace of Hearts - 2013 PW Boss 302 - FRA 25/ Serge C29 - 2013 SBY Boss 302 - FRA 26/ Gilbert - 1970 GB Boss 302 - FRA 27/ Lolo33 - 2007 Saleen 302 Parnelli Jones- FRA 28/ Zimbo - 2012 RR Boss 302 - FRA (I+P) 29/ Pierre - 2013 RR Boss 302 - FRA 30/ Kelly B - modèle à confirmer - UK
  2. Guillaume69

    Idler arm silly question

    I thought no zerks were needed on roller bearings. Isn’t that so?
  3. Guillaume69

    Idler arm silly question

    Aslanefe, I am pretty sure the picture used above actually shows the OT idler arm. Only one zerk. The Moog he’s got probably looks more like this (two zerks). G
  4. Guillaume69

    Idler arm silly question

    Man, those OT front end parts are sweet aren’t they? After the roller spring perches, this one might very well be my next upgrade. Not so pricey considering how long it will last. Their roller UCA and LCA are way pricier.... G
  5. Guillaume69

    Printed circuit board

    New printed circuits work fine but as mentioned above, it takes patience and finesse to set them properly. Everything ties down to centering everything carefully when tightening the gauges nuts so that the threaded studs don’t ground on the metal frame, as Midlife explained. G
  6. Guillaume69

    1969 GT Sportsroof

    Holy crap! Did you get hurt? Your car was probably a twin sister of mine, except for the color and a 2 barrel carb (H-code). GT, manual 4-speed toploader close ratio, 3.00 9’ rear end, no AC, no PS. And it does make for a wonderful driver! Today it has a 4 barrel 600 CFM Edel carb atop of a Weiand Stealth intake, and a mild cam. Still has its original Windsor heads, which tend to be somewhat restrictive, or so I feel. Still making 300+hp at the rear wheels, and plenty of torque! And I too got the car with its original GT wheels. Sold them for Torque Trust 15 years ago. I should have kept them on shelf. Very stupid move... G
  7. Guillaume69

    1969 GT Sportsroof

    Yeah, I had a taste of that kind of situation too. I was able to rescue the car, even though the insurance companies had other plans for it. I fought hard and eventually won, but it’s a rough memory. I feel your pain! It was a GT, wasn’t it? How old where you back then?
  8. Guillaume69

    1969 GT Sportsroof

    My bet is that not only will it ride well, but it’ll do so for a long time as well. That’s what quality parts bring you: longevity! Now I am jealous...
  9. Guillaume69

    1969 GT Sportsroof

    Nope, RPM, no Arning drop on that 69. Never felt the need for it. A friend of mine just did it on his 68 Fastback. I’ll see how that feels.
  10. Guillaume69

    1969 GT Sportsroof

    Aslanefe, Thanks for a great advice! I’ll arrange that asap. I wonder why I did not see that myself... The front end geometry is just amazing. Best I ever had on my car in 22 years. It was done by a local “front end voodoo wizard”, back where I was in NW FL. Vannoy’s Tires was the name of that shop. Done 3 years ago and still feels amazing. Car drives in a straight line, whatever the speed is. I shouldn’t say this, but I hit 140 mph on the highway this weekend, to give the motor a little “shake” and get the pipes fresh and clean. Had a passenger with me who couldn’t believe we were that fast. Felt like 90-100, no more. I also cleaned it today. First time I did the engine bay, since the car was restored (11k miles now). God, I love that car!! G
  11. Guillaume69

    1969 GT Sportsroof

    Hello fellow 69 brothers! Long time since I last posted about my 69. It’s doing greater than ever with my last little mod. As a matter of fact, I finally took the time to mount those roller spring perches I had bought a year or so ago. I went for a 300 miles trip this weekend and I couldn't be happier. With the rest on the front end nicely rebuilt during during the restoration of the car, those actually make for an impressive feel on the road, even the rough back country ones. The front feels « light », steering (manual) is very accurate and last but not least: NO MORE SQUEAKING!! I am so impressed with these from Opentrackerracing that I will gradually convert the entire front end suspension to their roller product line: UCA, LCA. Pricey but man, what a feeling! G
  12. Well I believed only GTs had GT stripes... And no mention of the Sport Appearance Group on this document? Some info here: http://www.concoursmustang.com/forum/index.php?topic=16175.0 Apparently the tape stripe found on the 600 was not exclusive to it. Just like the Grande Stripe. At least that’s what Marti tells us.
  13. You are absolutely right, Aslanefe. From what I gathered in my readings, this tape stripe was not exclusive to Grandes. Apparently, it could be ordered on other coupes as well as part of the sports appearance group. I just couldn’t find a pic of a non Grande coupe with said tape stripe. I also saw a bunch of Grandes without the stripe, or even a vinyl top. Seems like you could virtually order any combination of options on any model, back in the day.
  14. No problem, I just googled it and learnt a little more about 69 Mustang lore... LoL
  15. Guillaume69

    Demons possess my '69 Mustang

    I swear that in my case, ignition switch was good (first thing I tested) and solenoid was dead. Starter never stay engaged. Only symptom was unable to switch the engine off with key, every now and then. These are facts. I can’t explain it, but facts still.