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  1. Guillaume69

    Happy 50th

    Ah, that makes even more sense! Lol
  2. Guillaume69

    Happy 50th

    Well, mine rolled off the assembly line (Dearborn) on 15 July 1969 and I was pretty sure it was among the last (222550). I do not believe they were still making these in nov 69. They had already started assembling the 70 my. Vicfred said his car was turning 50 two days ago, that 11/27/69 must have been a typo...
  3. Guillaume69

    Change Rear End Gear Ratio

    Zero effect on hp and torque. Much like when changing gears with your tranny. Or your bicycle. It’ll change the way your current HP/torque is transmitted to the rear wheels though. The higher (or shorter) the ratio, the quicker the rear wheels will spin for a given rpm. Drag strip oriented cars have high rear end ratio (4.30 for SCJ drag pack, for example). Quick acceleration, poor gas mileage. It can also result in reduced top end speed (i.e you hit the rpm red line sooner). That’s why drag engines are usually prepared to sustain higher rpm ranges. “Cruisers” have lower (longer) ratio. Not as quick when taking off at a traffic light, but smooth highway cruising and “reasonable” gas mileage (lower rpm for a given speed). Also, with enough hp, you can get a higher top end speed. I can go up to 140 mph with my car (351w, toploader long ratio, 3.00 rear end). 3.50 is somewhere in the middle, obviously. What use of your car are you thinking about? Drag strip or road trips?
  4. Guillaume69

    Ride Height too high with my setup

    Ok, just thinking out loud here... Your wheels look too small compared to the wheel wells. I ride with 15’ Torq Trust rims and 235/60r15 tires. Total wheel diameter is 66,3 cm and the wheel size looks like it fits the wheel well (see pic). What tires size do you have on that pic? Do you know the total diameter of your wheels? It’s like the tire walls are too thin. If that’s the look you’re into, may be 18 or 19 rims would fit better? Or stick with 17’ but with higher walls.
  5. Guillaume69

    Ride Height too high with my setup

    As RPM mentioned, things must be tightened with all wheels on the ground. I remember tightening my rear shackles once with car on the lift and it ended with the rake of a drag car from the 70’s... I was told to untighten everything, put the car on the ground, go for a ride around the block, and re tightene everything. A couple weeks later, car was back where it was supposed to be. G
  6. Guillaume69

    VIN Border For 69?

    Interestingly enough, my 69 is a Dearborn late production car (July 69), and has recessed letters. And yes, it’s the original VIN Tag. There might have been some differences from one factory to another? G
  7. Guillaume69

    Unbearable squeaking coming from the front

    Yes, the spring perch might be the culprit. At least that’s what it was in my case. Try the Opentracker Racing roller spring perch. High quality parts that completely solved my squeaking issues. http://opentrackerracing.com/product/roller-spring-perches/ G
  8. Guillaume69

    Midlife vs Michael?

    Lots of people evacuated the area before it hit. Phone lines usually get saturated by so many people trying to call their friends and loved ones. Electricity goes out for a while too. He’ll be back in time. People in these coastal areas know what do when a hurricane comes their way. Looks like Tyndall AB got pretty much wiped out... Airmen will be in need for help over there. G
  9. Guillaume69

    1969 Heater Box Question

    Thank you!
  10. Guillaume69

    Car gender?

    Touché! LOL Just so you know: « Sacrebleu » “Old familiar French swear word used to describe anger, astonishment or admiration. Origin of the expression "sacrebleu" This expression is a softer deformation of "sacredieu" where “bleu” is put in the place of “Dieu” (God), to avoid blasphemy. Indeed, in the middle age, the very act of pronouncing the name of God was not only blasphemous but also punishable by physical punishment. That is why all the French expressions containing the term God have been modified in order to avoid the wrath of Church officials.”
  11. Guillaume69

    Car gender?

    Interesting topic, this one! Allow me to give you a different prospect here, if I may. Language is a key factor. In English, objects have no gender. You say (or write) « a » car, « a » ship, « a » wrench, « a » screw driver... Gender only comes into play when the object becomes the subject of a verb, right? The problem is that you can chose if it’s going to be a “he” or a “she”. Or stay a genderless “it”, actually. In French, for instance, all nouns have been given a gender very long ago. I do not know when or why. I just now that grammatically, a car is a “she” . We say une voiture. A truck is a “he”: un camion. We just have to memorize it as kids, when we learn to speak. As a grown up, you just know that a chair is feminine (une chaise) and an armchair is masculine (un fauteuil)... Now as far as ships are concerned, in French, the noun “ship” is masculine. We say “un navire” (“un bateau” , for a boat). Now when sailors call a ship by its name, it varies. The Titanic was always called masculine (Le Titanic). L’Hermione was always considered feminine. The gender goes with what they are called after. I wonder how this goes in Mandarin... G
  12. Guillaume69

    1969 Heater Box Question

    Randy, Here are pics of my 1969 non-A/C heater box. Hope this helps. G
  13. Guillaume69

    Head and cam combo

    2”1/2 pipes are also phenomenal, when it comes to how your car sounds, throughout the entire rpm range... Muscle car sound, for those who enjoy that kind of music. G
  14. Guillaume69

    Head and cam combo

    Hello Maleah, Sounds like there is a lot in common between our cars. Here is my set-up: Original 351W, 0.030 over 600 cfm Edelbrock Performer recalibrated w/ #1450 metering rods (after dyno) Intake: Weiand stealth 8023 Heads: Stock 1969 cast iron Windsor, w/ 1.460 OD Valve springs and ARP rocker screw in studs Cam: Howard Cams #CL22127510 in .528 / ex .533; Duration in 270/ ex 278; Duration @ .050: in 217 / ex 225; LSA: 108; Lifters: Howard Cams Hyd/roller Push rods: Trick Flow (TFS-21407750) chrome moly 5/16x7.750 Roller rocker arms: Scorpion (SCCSCP3017BL) 3/8x1.6 Hooker Comp headers with Flowmasters 2,5 inches exhaust lines (car is manual 4 spd Toploader, no PS) This has worked real good for me, even though I can feel the stock Windsor heads are restrictive at « higher » RPM. Better heads are on my bucket list. As is, motor feels very healthy and pulls really nice and strong in the low/mid range. It’s got 15,000 miles now (was rebuilt in 2014) and I get a very decent mileage when I behave myself... With the 3.0 stock rear end, was timed at 140 mph on some secret highway over here. Super stable and reliable steering (with some opentrackerracing parts in the front), the car rides straight like an arrow. But man, it felt like Lucifer himself was pushing on the rear bumper! G
  15. Guillaume69

    voltmeter install

    There might be a « cleaner » method indeed. I simply followed RCC Innovations mounting instructions (see attached) which seemed good enough for me. It allows the conversion without altering the original underdash harness, which was important for me. You only mess with the printed circuit here (and your ammeter, of course). Only downside of this method is now you have an additional wire (the red one) to disconnect when removing the cluster. The good thing is I never had to remove my cluster since I did that conversion. It’s been perfectly working for me as is for 4 years and 15,000 miles. Thanks to Randy, I might add!! ;-) G XR7Voltmeter.pdf