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  1. Does anybody know what this is? It is under the dashboard. It says Ford on it. The speedometer is hooked to it and it connects to a white box with a blue cover. It could be cruise control but there is nothing under the hood connected to to the carburetor. Is it stock or did somebody add it later?
  2. I don’t have a tachometer or mufflers and live on a residential street so the best I have been able to do is about 40mph before someone would call the police. I would think it should shift if I kept it at a steady 40mph. My manual says to use Type F fluid but the guy at the auto store said the DEX III/M stuff will work just as good. Could that be my problem?
  3. Good idea. I never thought of that. Thanks.
  4. The aluminum brackets fell off of my side window. (See attached photo) Do you know what kind of glue I should use to put them back on? It looks like the aluminum oxidized and the old glue stopped sticking. Whatever I use must be able to fill a 1/8 inch gap between the glass and aluminum. I don't know if silicone glue would be strong enough. The original stuff was hard and not flexible like silicone. The guy at the auto store sold me Bedding & Glazing compound. (I don't trust he knows what he is talking about)
  5. I am 100% sure that I am in drive. That is not the problem. It never shifts out of first gear. I think it has something to do with the down shift lever which is next to the gear shift lever. It never shifts when it is all the way forward or toward the rear. There are three vacuum ports on my carburetor. I tried connecting the vacuum modulator to each (See attached photo). The car still will not shift whatever I do. I also do not see any tag on the transmission. I looked all over. Where should it be?
  6. I know the shift link is set up correctly. When it is in park the wheels are locked. When it is in R it goes backwards. N no question is neutral. The next click should be D it goes forward but never shifts. The next two click works just like D and it never shifts. There is no oil in the vacuum modulator then I remove the hose. I added extra oil so it was an inch above the full mark while running but it made no difference. The down shift lever all the way forward and all the way back makes no difference. (I used a spring to make sure it really is all the way forward or backwards) I tried it with vacuum on and vacuum off the vacuum modulator. The transmission was never stored on end. I am not sure exactly which transmission I have. I think it is a C6. I attached some pix that hopefully someone can ID. Is type F fluid the same as the stuff I bought? (See attached picture) It says it is for older fords.
  7. I bought a 1969 Mustang in pieces. I finally put it together enough to get it started and move. I have not been able to get it to shift out of first gear. I know I have it in drive and not low 1 or 2. I don't know if the downshift lever should be forward or towards the back of the car to get it to shift. I hooked the vacuum line from the modulator to the base of the carburetor. The guy I bought it from claims the transmission worked when he took the car apart (The transmission was not taken apart). Any suggestion would help. Thanks.
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