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  1. Still looking, anyone have any? I am looking for three wire.
  2. Thanks everyone so far. Yes, the upper hose is on the passenger side. I could possibly use the newer hose as suggested. I have seen several Mustangs with an upper hose that went into the 90 water neck which didn't use the newer hose suggest above. I guess I thought there was a correct hose from 69 or so Mustang that I just could not locate.
  3. I'm looking for a good original set of 1969 parking lights. I have both however the PO pained them all black except the reflector area. Also one of the bolts was broken off inside the mount of the light.
  4. I'm making some changes to 1969 Coupe. First I'm replacing a leaking radiator with a 24" aluminum radiator. Thank you to all the reviews on this site. While doing this I found all kinds of scale in the cooling system so I have gone a little more down the rabbit hole then I likely should have. While cleaning things I have decided to change the water neck to a 90 degree unit as one day I plan to install AC in this car. I can't seem to locate the correct Upper radiator hose that will support the 90 degree neck on the intake manifold. I'm hoping someone can point me to the correct hose. I ordered a hose I thought would work however it's the same one I already have.
  5. I have the top set your link reference, those are used to attach the TOP saddle bracket to the radiator core support. To the best of my knowledge the second set you reference are for the 20" radiator with side brackets to attached to the radiator core support.
  6. I will order some of the 5/16 bolts to try. Thank you.
  7. The hole looked threaded however I was unable to look closely enough tonight. I will look tomorrow to see if they are treaded holes.
  8. I am upgrading my radiator from a 20 inch to a 24 inch from eBay, based on a thread here. I purchased new repro upper and lower saddle brackets however I cannot find the bolts to mount the lower saddle bracket. I have searched many parts sites however I came up empty. Can anyone help me find bolts to use to mount the lower bracket?
  9. I'm not building a concours car so I don't need that level. Thank you for the link. I also purchased LED flashers so I have that covered as well. I was hoping to repair/refurbish these myself but it might not be worth it.
  10. Thank you, Roger. My bulb is fine, actually I'm replacing the bulb with an LED light. The type you install with a screw driver and twist in place but the socket just twists and does not lock in place. I really wanted to rebuild both factory housings however that might not be possible.
  11. Hello everyone, I am having a few problems with my 1969 Coupe that were caused by the PO. My RH parking light has two issues. 1. One of the bolts which hold the parking light to the bumper was broken off before I got the car. Is it possible to replace the square insert that the bolt threads into? If so, does anyone have a link to a how to or advice? 2. Can I repair (would prefer to stay original) or replace the bulb socket? It keeps spinning when I try to insert my bulb. I have pushed on the two leads and they spring down so it appears the wires and contacts are free to move up and down. 3. Is it worth it to strip and re-plate the metal housing with zinc and yellow dichromate? 4. If none of the above are possible, should I just order a repro assembly? I was reading the descriptions on NPD and the "best repro" says it uses metric threads. Thank you!
  12. Would you mind sharing where you got it? Maybe a link if possible? My 1969 Coupe has zero front trim/moulding so I have to find all of it.
  13. Chaosrob, Any details on the electric e brake?
  14. What part of Austin do you live in? I'll be working on my car some more this week and next on weekdays after work and a little each weekend.


    I'm up in Cedar Park off Anderson Mill and Cypress Creek Rd.


    Ed Weltens

  15. What part of Austin do you live in? I'll be working on my car some more this week and next on weekdays after work and a little each weekend.


    I'm up in Cedar Park off Anderson Mill and Cypress Creek Rd.


    Ed Weltens

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