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  1. I put the car on eBay , and got an offer from SYLCCORP said the are a car exporter and they want it. Sounds like a scam. Has anyone heard of them?
  2. Got an offer for 25k cash on Sunday. Seems a little low. I will be ordering the red stripe kit this week.
  3. There is the Woodward cruise tomorrow and a mustang memories car show at Ford headquarters on Sunday. I will take to both and see what interest I get. If not much , I will start making some changes to it.
  4. As far as the carbon fiber , I removed the faded scratched wood grain sand blasted and primed the metal and put 3m carbon fiber wrap on. The clock panel was a pain.
  5. Thanks for the replies. As far as the wheels go, the car was intended to be passed on to my son and that was the look he wanted. That would be outstanding if I get anywhere near those prices for the car. Is there any info on how to place the stripes on the car dimensionally speaking? And who sells a quality stripe kit ?
  6. Need to sell my 69 Mach 1 . Need opinions On price to sell it at. M code , original ps , pb, ac candy apple red car. 408w d4 block afr185 heads, dougs tri Ys, air gap intake, quick fuel bd750dp carb, comp cams extreme energy XE284H cam, flow master exhaust, pan fill c4 with Broader performance manual reverse pattern valve body and 500hp kit, Edge Racing 3000 stall converter. 9in nodular 3.73 with True track, AAW harness, All new suspension parts ,interior and a bunch of new sheet metal.......... Also should I put the Mach 1 stripes on?
  7. I think the longer one is for the fastback, which is the one i need. The one I have is to short. Can you send me a pic. Thanks
  8. Useable upper windshield stainless trim for 1969 fastback needed, please message if you have one. Thanks
  9. Detroit Metro craigslist, one of the sets of scoops has the qtr panel structure that you need still attached. I have bought parts from this guy before. Maybe he can ship it to you. http://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/pts/4942744565.html
  10. 1969_Mach1: Have not fit the hood yet, still waiting to get it back from paint. The PO cut an opening under the scoop, hoping I can get an air cleaner to fit.
  11. I have a Flow Kooler water pump and CVF pulleys also, for a 1974 351w. There is a note on the CVF website about needing a .95" crank pulley spacer if you have an aftermarket damper. I have a stock style so everything lined up. I will attach a pic of my setup without the water pump pulley don't know if it will help.
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