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  1. Also the AC compressor and bracket along with the whole power steering setup go with the car. The rear has 2.79 gears and it was a 302 car.
  2. I have the trim pieces that go around the rear window. Is that what you need. I have a lot of other trim pieces too but they don't look like the picture.
  3. I'll go dig through the parts pile but it will probably be this weekend before I get a chance. Is this on the inside or the outside of the car?
  4. I bought a parts car that had a vinyl top. Can you post a pic of the parts you are needing? Most of the trim was in the trunk so I'm not sure what the parts you need look like.
  5. Possible trade. I'd like 4.10s but I think I would have to go to a 5 speed then and I'm up in the air if I want to go that route. I only put a couple hundred miles on my gears before I parked the car to start a restoration.
  6. Did you get one? Let me know. I think I have one if you still need it.
  7. I have two sets if the other posters don't find theirs to be working.
  8. I run a red top in my old tractor and pickup. I heard somewhere that they hold up to vibration better than a regular battery. My tractor sits for months so they at leat mine are holding their charge. For my DDs I like NAPA, Die Hard and then Wal-Mart batteries. Of course there are a different batteries for different purposes. For a DD any battery should be fine but for competition you'll want to look for something smaller and more durable than a regular battery or red top optima.
  9. I'm in the process of drilling out the spot welds on my parts car to remove the rear quarters and trunk. So far the welds have been in the same place on both my cars. The weld and sealant manual was a good reference but not everything was in the same spots showed in the manual. I'd go with every 1" like posted above.
  10. I found a parts car with good quarters. I drilled all the spot welds and took the complete quarter out of the donor and my car. It was a lot of work but I feel I can get it back to together better that cutting a straight line for a skin. Plus there is some awesome information on this site.
  11. I assumed it was an aftermarket tach and not an OEM. However, I didn't know that about the OEM either so I learned something today. I wonder if the same issue could occur with an aftermarket tach. So far I haven't had an issue but I'd hate to burn up my MSD box.
  12. I've had good luck with Holley double pumpers from mild to wild engines.
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