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  1. Will a 340 HP get up and go? I live in Texas and the Highway speed limit is 75mph some places and in my truck I feel like I have to beg it to go 80mph
  2. rwcstang: I like your wheel and tire combo what are they?
  3. Lol. I want power more or less. But its not like im taking this car around curves at 90mph. I was just reading that if you get too much horse power it can make it hard for the car to idle and can cause you to loose traction by having to much power to the wheels.
  4. Hey everyone, This is my first post I just joined. I am about to buy a 1969 Mustang coupe and it does not have a motor or transmission it is pretty much a rolling body. I plan to restore it to my dream muscle car. I was wanting to build something that is fast. I was looking for a motor with like 600hp but I am second guessing it now. I want to have enough hp to lift the front tires and have fun at the track but I still want to be able to drive it to work once or twice a week. I am not too worried about the cost but at the same time I am not made of money. I do plan on getting a street/strip transmission. I have been reading to lift the front wheels on a vehicle it normally takes about 600 ft lbs of torque. I am just wanting some of yall's opinion. I dont want to come off as some little kid that is all about horse power because I want this to be a good driver too.
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