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  1. mustangstofear


    Yeah, that's what I'm talkin about :)
  2. The photographer got the engine bay and the trunk. Once I get the tune from VMP, I'll cook the tires for you :)
  3. Did a photo shoot last night. Now we can finish the 2021 MTF calendar
  4. mustangstofear


    This is the new America :(
  5. But didn't AOC say the planet only has 12 years left LOL.
  6. You can't go wrong with the Wilwood 12.19 setup front and back. That's the basic package we use on every build.
  7. mustangstofear


    And yet there are plenty of them out there :(
  8. mustangstofear


    Reminds of my first date LOL
  9. How about sweating to oldies :)
  10. Had me sweating bullets there for a minute:)
  11. You mean I didn't screw up :)
  12. Everything went out last week to both of you guys . We've been camping all week. I'm sure I switched those around the way Ersin and you asked. Then again I might have misunderstood what you were asking LOL. Let me know what I did wrong and I'll make it right:)
  13. I've watched that before, he's spot on.
  14. No,absolutely not, it's Global warming LOL
  15. We use 3M 8115 structural adhesive .
  16. mustangstofear


    Joe never has the facts LOL
  17. He could actually just spread some structural adhesive around the pitted area, it would hold forever. The front part of the cowl could be patched.
  18. mustangstofear


    Isn't that the truth :)
  19. Master Coat doesn't even come close to Por-15. I tried the Master coat a few years ago and found it tb be very watery and could be easily removed with a damp thinner rag.
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