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  1. Started installing our top rails and engine panels. The customer decided to go with the stock radiator support.
  2. Yeah, I forgot about having Randy as a neighbor LOL. Looks like we will be building a wall :)
  3. I'm with you on not enough time. Maybe when we get moved down to Florida :)
  4. Did a test fit with the motor and the TKO 600. Was surprised we had so much clearance in the tunnel.
  5. If the scratch is deep enough to feel with your finger nail, then it's not coming out.
  6. Currently we get all the glass from Auto City Classic, they are in Minnesota.
  7. The original color was Autumn Green, not a very attractive color. We had the owner check out the new 2019 Bullitt green, he did and we are going with that. I think it will look really nice.
  8. On a 69-70 you just need to trim the inside edge of the radiator support to get more clearance.
  9. I use to do 3 coats of clear, then color sand with 600 the next day then 3 more coats of clear. We now just do 4 coats and call it good, looks the same.
  10. Did your painter color sand the clear then re clear again ?
  11. Started on our IFS. We are going to install the motor and his TKO 600 just to make sure it all fits before we do the underside of the car.
  12. I could to if I had 30 guys on a car :)
  13. We are fast:) the fenders are for the Mustang beside the Cougar. All the guys have tablets for taking their own pictures that go to the main computer. The problem comes when Shelby has to figure out who's car it is LOL.
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