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  1. Mocking up our new billet dash.
  2. Just a few shots from this evening.
  3. Doing a photo shoot with the Cougar tonight. The owner ended up buying another new tranny, neither American Powertrain or Tremec would stand behind it.
  4. mustangstofear


    I think this thing, needs one of those jackets with the long sleeves that wraps around your back. LOL.
  5. Here's how Ford should have made their body lines look.
  6. You would only want to paint the pinch weld black. The Black you're seeing in the video is actually pinch weld primer.
  7. mustangstofear


    I wonder why MSM never showed this
  8. 69-70 didn't ues a gasket in the front, they still did for the rear though. Ford used a butyl kit for the windshield, we use a high viscosity urethane just as we do for all the modern cars.
  9. Thanks, the wind splitter is optional.
  10. Almost done with my 65. Had special cover made for my battery, need to send it out to get anodized in black.
  11. Mocking up the A/C, need to find out what holes we don't need and weld them up. We decided to hide the A/C lines similar like we do the Mustangs.
  12. I have 2 tools that cut the tips, and another one that puts the v notch in it. I could pre cut one and send it to you for free :)
  13. We have the screws in stock, but will be ordering again.
  14. That was a joke LOL. I just cut a piece of a coat hanger and taped it on the tip.
  15. You can buy the metal roofs from Dynacorn, but then you have a lot of prep time and painting. since ours will be carbon fiber, you just bolt it on and it's a fraction of the weight.
  16. The rear lift gate mold is done, that just leaves the 2 sides
  17. My brother in Colorado just bought a 69 fastback this week that's in good shape, been stored for the last 25 years. I'll bet I can talk him into selling it.
  18. https://www.autoevolution.com/news/1970-ford-mustang-mach-1-revival-is-a-modern-shelby-gt500-in-disguise- 1645324.html. this is a customer of ours.
  19. Black stripes do matter LOL. I've used Graphic Express on most of our stripes.
  20. Thanks, that should help my customer.
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