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  1. A few months back I made the mistake of accidentally parking my black notch back next to a sprinkler on a sunny day. Now the hood has water spots that won’t come out with a normal wash & dry. Has anyone had this problem and is there an easy solution? I’m reading several forums that recommend a 1:1 mix of vinegar and distilled water followed by a thorough wash & wax. I’m hesitant to put vinegar on a paint job that is less than a year old. Any thoughts or recommendations?
  2. Thanks for the info. You were able to confirm what I suspected. Bummer. I do like your idea of having paint mixed and spraying it all at once with a paint gun. I might look into that. Has anyone had any luck with matching colors when ordering new trim pieces? If so, any recommendations on vendors?
  3. Does any one know if there is a difference between "dark red" and "maroon" when it comes to interior colors? I took Kris' advice and got a cheap dash cover and painted it to see how it looks. When I ordered the paint, it was labeled "dark red". But when the dash cover was complete, it looked nothing like the red of the rest of the interior. I did a bit of research and everything that I find says that there isn't any difference between dark red or maroon. Just different vendors putting a different label on it. Is this true? I'm just trying to figure out if the color I ordered was wrong, if my interior is just that old and faded, or a combination of the two. If my interior is just that old and faded, I don't mind painting it all to match, but I'm just worried about parts that aren't easy to paint like the seats and headliner not matching.
  4. I know it's been a while since this thread has been active, but Phoenix Tuning is running a "tax season" sale from now until the 15th of April that is 5% off of your order. http://www.phoenix-tuning.com/servlet/StoreFront I just placed my order for a set of the VHX gauges in Black Alloy. With the 5% discount, the final price with shipping was $718. Pretty good deal considering most other websites are charging close to $800. Looking forward to getting this setup. My current factory gauges do not have a tach and this is by far the best option out there. I will be glad to get rid of the cheap looking tach add-on that is strapped to my steering column.
  5. Thanks for the tips. I'm sure they will save me from a significant amount of frustration. Turns out the dash I found on CJ Pony Parts was on sale. Checked today and the sale ended. Looks like I'll be waiting for the next sale!
  6. Thanks for all of the advice. It sounds easy enough and I feel a bit more confident about it. Looks like I might try dying a black OEM dash pad. CJ Pony Parts has a black OEM dash pad for $288. Is this as cheap as it gets, or is there a cheaper vendor out there? 69RavenConv- your dash looks great. Thanks for the links to the pics.
  7. Has anyone replaced their dash pad in any color other than black? I have a '69 coupe with a worn out dark red interior that I am currently working on replacing from top to bottom. I wanted to keep the dark red because it is a little different than the usual black interior. But I'm quickly finding that not all of the dark red parts are easy to find. The dash pad is my current dilemma. I can't find a dark red dash pad anywhere online. All I'm finding is white or black. Does anyone know if they make reproduction dark red dash pads? I see that most people in my situation have bought the black and dyed it, but I'm weary of this. Mainly because I've never messed with anything like this before and dying a $300 dash pad would be painful if I messed it up. Also, I'm seeing most websites have the option between original Ford tooling and not. Any recommendations on this?
  8. Chelby-Ann- Thanks for the pics. Just what I was looking for and it reenforces my decision to go with a dark grey. It looks great. The stripes also look good and give me a few ideas for my project.
  9. Thanks for the welcome. The new mustangs do look nice, but I agree, wouldn't trade my '69 for it any day!
  10. Took a look at your project. You've done a lot of great work and I look forward to the pics after paint. I like the spoiler you used. I've been going back an fourth on that idea, but after seeing your pics I think I've made up my mind. It looks great.
  11. It's my first real post, so go easy on me. Hopefully I don't jack this up. My '69 coupe is finally ready for paint after a lengthy process of getting rid of all the rust. I'm leaning towards a dark grey/silver and I've been doing quite a bit of research and so far my favorite color is "Alloy" from the 2009 Mustangs (see attached pic). I was wondering if anyone out there had any pics of a 69 in a similar color. There are a lot of mustangs that are the Eleanor color, but I haven't seen very many in a dark grey. My next decision to tackle will be stripe or no stripe and what color. The interior is going to be dark red and I was thinking dark red stripes might look good with the alloy grey. Maybe a single flat red stripe on the hood and trunk with flat red accents around the headlights and taillight pannel? Any thoughts? My intent is to have a 69 that stands apart from the others without looking tacky or looking dated a few years from now. If I can't come up with a solid decision on the grey or stripe, I may just go with black. Not the most unique, but it's hard to go wrong with black.
  12. Alan_Mac- thanks for the advice.
  13. I'm in a similar situation as rwcstang. I currently have a 351W with a C4 and a 3.25 rear end. I like the gear ratios of the C4, but I'm looking for something with an overdrive for better drivability on the highway. I noticed that there are a couple of different gear options between the TKO 500 & 600- 3.27 or 2.87 for 1st and several options for 5th from 0.64 to 0.82. Is there anyone who has a similar setup that has any recommendations?
  14. I have my car ready for paint, but I'm torn between two colors. I'm looking at a dark grey (alloy used on the 2009 mustangs) or good ole' reliable black. I have done some work to the car since this pic to clean it up a bit (removed rear spoiler, removed quarter emblems, and shaved the side mirrors and doorhandles). I have included a shot of my car, along with samples of alloy and black. Thanks.
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