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  1. Production numbers

    I remember looking for a long time for a 69 fastback with a 250 in it and I only found just a couple. Of those few, all of them were either in rough condition or had a V8 in place of the six. They are really quite rare and something I love to see at car shows. david
  2. New Headlights Setup?

    The driveway is definitely sloped... if it didn't slope away from the door, I'd have water running into my garage. I'll see if I can hang a sheet or something against the backwall and take some pictures. Give me some time, I'm travelling the next few weeks. david
  3. New Headlights Setup?

    So here's my problem - I can't take a picture of the garage door 25 feet away because my driveway isn't that long. The best I can do is half that distance. I essentially took the instructions for lining up the headlights and modified them to be half of what they suggested. I'm happy with the headlights however I'm willing to help others out - what can I do outside of locating a garage that has a long level driveway? What pictures would you like to see? david
  4. New Headlights Setup?

    The Mustang Project LED Headlights discussed earlier feature the same Hella H4 Lens but with 5000 Lumen CREE bulbs. david
  5. Who would do this??

    Yeh that car is ruined - just look at the metal dash structure and you'll realize how much heat was generated. The roof would be tremendously warped. They setup a go-fund-me account: https://www.gofundme.com/ninosmach1 david
  6. ~ 1969 Stance on all fours

    Another pic to show that I don't rub around the wheel well. I didn't have to modify any sheetmetal. david
  7. ~ 1969 Stance on all fours

    I don't remember the front backspacing... they came in a package of four. Do they make different 15x7 backspacings in the Magnum 500s? The rear is 5.5" backspacing. Here is a pic to show the difference in the front and rear tires... the rear is about 2 inches taller which really helps to give a very slight rake with reverse eye leafs.
  8. Temperature Gauge Help

    Stock should be about 192 degrees. I'm unsure what the coolant temperature would read at the radiator but I think it would be cooler than what it would read in the block. I have the stock thermostat and my Speedhut gauge with digital sending unit reads around 195 degrees most of the time. david
  9. ~ 1969 Stance on all fours

    Thanks so much for the compliments, I sweated the decision quite a bit before ordering them and especially before mounting the tires. I really love the deep rims and wide tires in the rear. david
  10. ~ 1969 Stance on all fours

    I had those same tires and rims (15x7 235/60) and mine sat much higher in the front. I got lowering springs all around and switched my rear rim/tire to a 15x10 and 275/60 and now I'm level.
  11. Shock tower delete

    You make some good points and you did some nice work on your car. With everything looking so slick, I'm curious what everybody does with the front apron... do you weld up the vents for the battery, extra holes, etc? david
  12. Shock tower delete

    The "Mustang II" front suspension systems offered by many aftermarket companies like Hiedt's are double A-arm suspensions. They really aren't Mustang II suspension systems... Mustang II suspensions were quite simply a classic Mustang suspension system flipped so that the struts went towards the rear ...and of course they used rack and pinion steering units which were high tech in the 70's. Mustang II suspensions with the rearward facing strut and lower control arm (that looked almost exactly like the 64-73 arm) were well engineered by Ford and quite durable... as to whether or not Heidt's, Rod and Custom, etc meet the same specifications is anybody's guess because they have borrowed little from the original Mustang II design outside of the crossmember and rack and pinion steering. I've owned classic *and* Mustang II's since I was old enough to drive but many people who have never owned a Mustang II don't really know what a Mustang II suspension was because it has been so commercialized. david
  13. I'm impressed with the work you put into that bezel - it looks nice. I just can't believe the oversight in the design flaws (smacks forehead). david
  14. Personally I like to jack up the car and take one of the wheels with me. It is smaller than the gas tank and rolls easily. david
  15. Need advise

    I like other car manufacturers but by no means am I an expert on them. That's the problem with this thread. The car looks good to me, you should buy it. Sorry, if it were a 69/70 Mustang then I'd have more insightful feedback. david