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  1. Brake problems

    If the rear axle doesn't leak then your rear bearings are most likely fine. I wouldn't go through the trouble and expense. Instead I'd focus on finding a KH disc kit or 69 original discs for the front. Sometimes people pull their discs off the front to go with big brake kits like Wilwood or Brembo. david
  2. Spare & Jack Kit in trunk ...

    Nice work and thank you for documenting what you done. david
  3. The textured finish will definitely be the hard part.
  4. Thank you, I rarely talk about it but the memory of my father is often with me. The larger lesson from this is that many products are dangerous and some hazards I'm sure we haven't even discovered. Still there is plenty of room to enjoy the hobby and be safe at the same time. I always keep good dust and organic vapor respirators close at hand.
  5. My father was one of those who died from asbestos exposure in the shipyard. He lived about 16 months after his diagnosis. He kept huge posters of all the ships and submarines he had worked on in a hall closet when I was growing up. As a child I would occasionally sneak them out and look at them. My understanding is that it was everywhere on the ships - walls, pipes, etc wrapped in sheets of asbestos.
  6. The best take away from all of this is to wear masks and gloves when working with chemicals or generating lots of dust. david
  7. If your car had a lot of underbody coating then it was probably put on after 1969. I'm only aware that Ford undercoated the wheel wells. david
  8. Just pulled my molding off last night and I have five of these plastic clips. Three are on the longer piece that overlaps and two on the other. I also have the foam strip across the windshield like RidgeRunner mentioned... not sure where I'll find a replacement. david
  9. Fuel Neck Filler Mods?

    This looks like a good working solution and I am tired of spilling gas everywhere... please count me in, I'd like one. Thank you for all the hard work you've done to post this information and help everyone out. david
  10. My 69 certainly has a lot of problems but luckily the headlights aren't one of them. I used the Mustang Project LED lights. I haven't had a chance to get the beam patterns that Mach1Driver requested - I guess I just don't have the desire to go through all the trouble - but I can tell you I drove 1290 miles last weekend in the car and the headlights work fantastic. I don't get any complaints from other drivers and on the dark roads, of which I drove probably a dozen hours on, my beam pattern looked much like my wife's 2010 F150. I'm not a lighting expert but given my experiences, they just plain work for me. Now before I sound like an endorsement for Mustang Project, I can tell you that I just threw their rear LED tail lights in the trash. I've only had them for 2-3 years but the design was poor and trouble prone for a car that gets driven a lot. david
  11. Heater core

    Having recently rebuilt mine, I think Ford built the 69's around the heater box. It certainly is one of the harder jobs I've done on the car.
  12. Magnum 500 Wheel Shopping

    The Cragar spokes look flat to me... not quite as deep as the all steel magnum 500s... but I could be wrong. Aluminum centers are often riveted to the steel exteriors. david
  13. Magnum 500 Wheel Shopping

    I purchased two 15x10s from summit racing less than a year ago and they are great. About three years ago I bought four 15x7's from Mustangs Unlimited and had no problem with those either. The chrome is great and they balanced fine. david
  14. Explain to me the layers of carpet...

    Mine is a stock California fastback and it had a layer of insulation like stuff with a black heavy rubbery backing. I left that in there. Then there is the jute backing on the carpet which came bonded onto the new carpet. The old jute backing was mostly crushed and destroyed so it was thrown away with the original carpet. david