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  1. I ended up installing the same wheels about two years ago but went with a different tire. I love them - they are the exactly what I wanted. I had to roll my quarter panels but my car sits about two inches lower than yours. If I hit a hard bump then it will rub the lip but that is rare. I'll see if I can get a pic this weekend and post it.
  2. Excellent, its worth a try.. thanks Ridge!
  3. I think it is between the glass and the rubber because it doesn't leak at first only if the water sits in that corner and then it just pours out and done... not a slow leak... is there no way to fix it except to take the glass back out?
  4. I followed RidgeRunner's suggestions on how to install and mine leaks in the driver's side rear corner. I'm not sure how since I put a bunch of that 3M sealant around it and I used the strip caulk on the inside of the gasket. I'm still trying to figure out where it is leaking from (smacks forehead). david
  5. My switch came with the wheel as a kit. It sounds like there is a lot of variance in the switches - I didn't even realize there were multiple manufacturers. Mine fits nicely most of the way around the wheel but it is just a 6 inch or so area where it is loose. I'll take a picture tonight and post it. david
  6. The quality of the steering wheel itself is superb... I'm really impressed. The price of these steering wheels has gone down recently.
  7. I bought a new Rim Blow Steering Wheel and the inner rubber piece that triggers the horn is a little loose. It does fit inside the steering wheel easily but it is not tight against the groove; it feels loose. Has anybody else ran into this problem? Are we supposed to use a glue to secure it? I've never had a rim blow steering wheel before so this is all new for me. david
  8. I've had both and in my opinion the ball and socket works a lot better than the standard flange. david
  9. Bolt in glass? I would think it is getting jammed around the crank arms. If you pull the rails in too far then the arms will get hung up on the stop for the spring. If you have rattling then you've got something either broken or loose. david
  10. So I converted my 69 door to use 70 glass. The problem is that my window will not stay put from front to back. I can grab the window and push/pull it forward/backward so I know I've got something missing with my hardware. Looking at the 70 glass diagram, I believe I'm missing Ford part numbers 354486-S, 382206-S, 356536-S. All I have is the bolt and the nut in this front mount. There is also a pressed in bushing that runs through the arm which I think is Ford part number 234A28 and maybe 356536-S. But these are all Ford part numbers so I don't know what they correspond to.. can anybody help me find the parts I need to purchase to get my window to stay put? david
  11. The chrome center diffuser is not reproduced anywhere that I am aware of. The side diffusers can be gotten from other Fords of that year - Mercury, etc. You'll often find the side diffusers on ebay and they can be restored to their full glory. The center diffuser is much more sought after especially with minimal blistering.
  12. With the cubic inches, big exhaust and headers you really need some good flowing heads. There are plenty out there but of course they are expensive. Even stock early model 351 heads would be a big improvement. If you can't get that then a high lift cam with some decent valve overlap would help a lot with those 302 heads. david
  13. It looks like you have quite a bit of rust on your rear frame rails. This is common on 69's - the rear tail light gasket shrinks and water goes into the trunk. It then goes into the frame rails since there is a drain hole behind your tail lights that opens to the frame.
  14. Yep, I agree with the others. I replaced the clutch pedal stop on mine a few years ago and it didn't last long before it squeezed out/tore off.
  15. You have some good advice above. I used 5-leaf 2" lowering springs from opentracker. I have 15" rims with 275/60 tires and Bilstein shocks. For me, the ride is surprisingly good. I wouldn't mistake it for a luxury car but it doesn't leave me wanting to change anything. If you have the original springs, they are probably worthless unless you are trying to go concours in your restoration. I took pictures but ended up throwing mine away. The ride height was a lot lower due to the springs collapsing over the years. I didn't see any value in restoring them.
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