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  1. I have the RMP Adjustable mounts - https://www.cjponyparts.com/ron-morris-adjustable-motor-mounts-stock-height-small-block-1964-1970/p/MM6110/
  2. dakota digital - not cheap - but really high quality. these pictures dont do them justice
  3. I added a vent line (tapping into the rubber connection between the filler neck and the tank) to help vent it, and its made filling up sooooo much better (especially in CA with those pesky pressure gas nozzle things) its just a bulkhead fitting to a carb hose, and a charcoal filter at the end.
  4. no turn signal holes - so only tiny patches needed for the bolt holes. Cant think of a realist reason to SAVE my original hood -especially since the repro's are known to have defects. If i were to sell it for ~ 800... I'd have to buy a repro for $350, and then have it painted which would probably be ~ $400.
  5. yeah... my hood is an original 69 with only the bolt holes for the mach1 scoop... im so torn on weather to cut it or buy a repro and paint it. ..... i'll probably just cut my original.
  6. oh god... wait original hoods are worth up to 800? I put holes in mine to mount the mach1 scoop (not a big one to make a it functional, just the bolt holes) - but i'm ditching that scoop and about was about to cut a big hole in it for a shaker! if I were to sell the hood, buy a new one, and it paint matched with the black stencil as well .... would probably break even... wow this just makes it more complicated.... I can buy a repro hood with the shaker hood scoop precut from Cj...
  7. its funny I was the opposite - first thing I bought when I got my mystang was the mach1 scoop - I always wanted one. I had the body shop put it on at the same time they painted my car ... and now im so bummed out I didn't realize that most fiberglass repro's are terrible and never thought of test fitting it first. Now I feel they look best when they match the cars paint (not the blacked out hood design) looking at factory mach1 scoops- over $200 plus probably another $100 to paint match - at that rate I figure I go big and get a shaker. no paint needed.
  8. bringing this thread back - So after being burned by a bad repro mach1 style scoop - decided to upgrade to a shaker instead of trying my chance again here are the current kits i've found for a shaker - cheapest - a kit on ebay for $330 (all fiberglass would need $150 trim ring) http://www.ebay.com/itm/261724011526...MakeTrack=true economy kit from cj for $440 (all fiberglass would need $150 trim ring probably same as ebay one) Mustang Shaker Assembly Economy 289/302/351C Small Block 69-70 scott drake one for $570 - (metal tub would need need $150 trim ring) http://www.cjponyparts.com/scott-dra...-1970/p/SHKR1/ and then fordramair.com has a full kit for $660 (metal tub, looks like scott drak one and includes trim ring) http://fordramair.com/new/products/shakers.htm I've already got a non HEI distributor on the way so clearance for that won't be an issue - and I know i'll need to add a spacer as well as i have a 302 to bump the shaker above the hood I'll also need to fill the mach1 scoop holes (luckily I didnt cut turn signal holes)
  9. interesting - so I have this kit https://www.mustangsplus.com/1967-1968-1969-1970-Mustang-Spring-And-Sway-Bar-Kit-Grab-A-Trak-R.html - you're saying if i got the 65 kit instead - the 620 springs are different - and would be 1" lower than the ones i got?
  10. So I ended up cutting a half coil - and overall its a 1" drop. probably cut another half coil in a bit. - i'll post a pic later the ground to top of outer wheel well curve is 27" in the front, and 26" in the rear - so front is still sticking up a bit. i'm a little confused though - 620 springs = shelby drop springs? I thought they were their own spring?
  11. i've had my 620's on for around a year - and theres a sizable gap between the tire and fender - almost twice the gap in the rear figure might as well try it, and if it doesn't work out - i'll just try the shelby drop springs
  12. I did 10 coats on my trucks rims - took about an hour - and its lasted almost a year had to do one touchup when i replaced my brake pads
  13. just wanting some confirmation - I'm about to cut my front 620 springs a half coil with a chop saw - I'm going to try to cut horizontal so they still fit flat im on grab-a-track shocks with Sway-Bar-Size: 1-1/8" Leaf_Springs: 4½-Leaf Mid Eye
  14. perfect - thanks! .... but wow... need to sign in with yahoo or aol? yikes lol
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