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  1. This is an all FORD original parts brake system? OK so probably take a look at the ' no resistance.'? Really sounds like a Master Cylinder failure. Inspect; brake push rod connections and in-out function. Brake booster pedal test (Shop Manual) and vacuum readings? Caliper pads are moving as well as the brake shoes? Poke around you'll get it. Brian
  2. While the driveshaft is down start the moter and check for vibration. In all the forward/reverse gears. Run it up to the usual vibration rpm's. Brian
  3. I think you are right to be troubled about the flex-plate. That would be my first guess. Brian
  4. I run a Holley 3310-1 on my 428. Car/motor w/manual stock 4 speed and 3.25 rear gear runs pretty good at all speeds. Congratulations on the fix. Carbs can be tricky to dial in. What bugs me? 6.5 mpg. Sometimes I feel like doing something about it. Then I remember; " if it ain't broke ". Brian
  5. The recent discussion about axle housings got me curious and would like to ask for some confirmations or corrections. As I recall I took these measurements with the car up on jack stands. So some areas are hard to get at and probably not accurate down to the 1/4". Thanks Brian
  6. Anyone here replace the original leman's bolt with the ARP bolt? This is the tap you'll need. Brian
  7. Anyone here replace the original leman's bolt with the ARP bolt? How did you do it? Thank you. Brian
  8. I have had good experience and results using this stuff on the stainless. Brian
  9. Get another installer, the correct parts and a new headliner. Remember to mark out for your seat belt and sun visor attachments. Brian
  10. ...also if you did a lot of night driving on country roads they might be needed. Hardly needed for city driving. Brian
  11. The spindle ID's are a great place to start. My 69 power disc brake spindles are C8OA-3107-C and 3108-C. Welcome, Brian
  12. Indeed, it does. Part of a Master Strap AKA MST. Pictured is the correct one I got from Muscle Car Research. Brian
  13. Couple of pictures of my September 1968 Metuchen car. Brian
  14. Congratulations on making the move for all the right reasons. A great temptation for me but already have the weather just can't do anything about the taxes or the cost of living. Brian
  15. Picture of mine. These have the rubber seal/buffer, have part numbers, are fiberglass and fit 'fairly' well. Brian
  16. The version on my car #2? Have not seen the newer #3 swivel type before? Brian
  17. Gasket around the perimeter and some bumps down the center. Brian
  18. The rear window louvers came with my car. The only plus I can share is that they help to prevent sun fade at the rear fold down carpet. Given the choice I would have left them off. Brian
  19. Another picture. Yes to your question. Other pads go on the seat back. Brian
  20. OK great. So I did some reading and your panels seem to be a much better product than what is currently available. You are recommending insulation? Will you supply the amount needed? My panel lights are originals and have a metal trim ring. 69 and Black pair. Cost/method of payment and time frame? Tanks Brian
  21. Also interested in your sail panels? Going to make another run? Will they have the light holes? Brian
  22. Your car is a 70, 351 w/ manual drum brakes? Does your brake pedal pivot look like this one? Could have ordered/installed the wrong master cylinder? https://mustangsteve.com/product-category/master-cylinders-for-classic-fords
  23. so what magic did you work on the key and switch. wiggle right wiggle left or a little of both?
  24. My clue was yellow spark. Blue is good yellow is not.
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