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  1. We have 2 papers 1st - passport of the vehicle (created by custom). We keep it home. Just for registration. 2nd - driving certificate or license (can't explain correctly). Always with driver. Some data in road police data base, but it's hide.
  2. Oh, got something new Thanks!
  3. But you know, it quite close to true, because in USSR period was very complicated to buy a mustang in USA. Part of Germany was in USSR and Russian (Soviet) army was there. Yes the mustang could be in west of Germany but same case is could happened.
  4. Today i digged this link: http://www.insearchofmustangs.org/Registry/List.aspx?y=1969 and yes, nothing close to such digits 284582. Maximum was found is 222319. So, let say it's fake or some T5 special code But it's strange - total produced quantity of the 69's is 299814 - VIN # should be at list 399815...
  5. Good link http://www.fordt5.com/history.html ....Positive identification of early T5s is sometimes difficult.... )
  6. Ok, thank you Roger! I will try to figure out the original Vin # of that pony by last 6 digits. In case if it wrong, so i will proceed to go in this way because a lot of efforts and founds is spent for this project. And title what i have is important for driving the car. I would like to complete it in the future and get some clone of cobra jet or close to this.
  7. In past time (USSR) here was such title and most of foreing cars lost first marks (as 9F02Z for example) and only digits was mentioned as 284582. And model - Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet. No any names as mustang, cherger or whatever some time. In 1996 a new stile titles was created with every numbers in it. So if the previous owner bught this mustang in 1985 or like this and sold it after 1996 the police add in new title any sings with correct digits.
  8. Yes! Absolutely! But i thought some of american classic mustang owners has this catalog )
  9. Not 429 for sure. I don't realy know from were this car - from USA or Germany. But in time when it was delivered the Soviet Union was here. And i think it was form Germany. No any stamps on a fender or door or shock tower. It was fully rewelded with billions pieces of sheet metal. The bottom is made with sheet metal full. The dash tag has # 9F02Z284582 but it can be fake. That is why i'm asking - what is written in catalog with production number 284582? May be it's 9R01M284582 or like this. It's nice to hear that is not mustang and it's T5 )
  10. just for inspiration - one more american iron close to my hometown in backyard:
  11. Thanks Roger, But i mean the spec list, because i have a doubt about the VIN tag information. In a ford catalog this production number mentioned. Is it matched or not? Unfortunately the motor is gone as transmission and rear axle. No any tag's on door and fender I will try to add a pics.
  12. Dear Gentleman, Does anybody has the book "Mustang I.D. numbers"? I looking for decoding the number of my mustang. So I mean the specification - painting code, axle, transmission. Also i have a doubt about production number. Suppose it can be wrong. # 9F02Z284582 The car sitting many years in Russia. Fully rewelded body underneath. The roof and glass openings in good shape. Axle, motor and transmission from "Volga". So, got some parts from junkyards: '95 8.8 rear axle and 5 lug front suspension, '91 body for parts, as all bottom shell, 460 BBF, C6, Thanks!
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