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  1. Did the 70 vert have seat risers that tied together over the tranny hump?
  2. That looks like one of those explosionproof bell housings, you will void the certification on it if you modify it. Consider dimpling the primary. If your not gonna race or don't care about bellhousing integrity then do whatever.
  3. That's about how far apart I spaced my holes when I did the floor... which is better then what the factory did. You look at a lot of the other builds and they have twice that many! Is it over cautious? added strength/rigidity? or the notion that the next poor bastard to replace the floor will lose his mind drilling out welds?
  4. A new perspective on loong tube headers
  5. Nice job Grampa, your son now has a mobile panty dropper. My first 10 cars were less then $300...seriously affected my SWAG as a teen.
  6. I gotta get some flush tail lights...are those dark or light smoke?
  7. Great idea, I cant tell but are all the metal pieces grounded...with wire? or just the middle piece?
  8. Yup, I had to modify the firewall just like RPM shows...swapping pedals is a chore. Might as well do the bushings or better yet switch to roller bearing when changing out pedal
  9. Are you swapping the camshaft before installing the motor?
  10. OMG just saw price of GV...what is the advantage of going GV vs. a built OD tranny?
  11. Gear Vendors is gonna be able to handle the power in this?
  12. It's true men are visual creatures...and this is top notch car porn. Can't wait to see/hear this sexy beast launch!
  13. JK...just trolled your Youtube channel to see your a laser tech geek. On the other hand a modern MADMAX Stang would definitely have lasers.
  14. Where are the lasers? are they in the hood scoop?
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