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  1. I have a 1967 f100 with a 352 engine that runs great . no smoke, knocks, rattles. This is the FE block. I am asking only $2500 for the whole truck, inspected and ready to go. Call my cell 409-383-4750
  2. I have a 1967 f100 with a 352 engine that runs great . no smoke, knocks, rattles. This is the FE block. I am asking only $2500 for the whole truck, inspected and ready to go. Call my cell 409-383-4750
  3. The air {if any} should work its way out by itself with use. I just put a new pump and replaced all the hoses and rebuilt the control module myself. With my car on the ground you can steer it with one finger. It had "hard spots" in the steering until I drove it about 1 mile. All the air worked it's way out and steers great ever since. Good luck and merry Christmas to everyone
  4. I just finished my 69 mach 1 and I bought the stencil from virginia mustang. Yes it comes in several pieces but that helps with installation. Mine was stick on adhesive so I don;t know wich company the other gentleman bought his from. It sticks to your color. Then spray your black. Let cure and remove the stick on stencil. At that point you will not be able to reuse it but it was well worth the $40.00 bucks to me and to be able to tell everyone I painted my stripes and they are not a decal. Good luck, just take you time and get a buddy to help line everything up, James the flame
  5. Ok guys, I promised you pictures of my completed car. I am actually waiting for a model (friend of mine) to do a photo shoot with. I will get photos asap. James the flame
  6. Hey everyone!!! Thank you each and every one for helping me get my car ready for the show this weekend. I have been bugging you guys for 8 months and it paid off. I put the decals on my 69 mach 1 the day before the show. I just got home and guess what?? Out of 160 vehicles in the show I FINALLY WON A TOP 10 AWARD!!!!! They only give top ten of all year models and types and to get one of those is a real honor. So thank you so much. I will post pictures of the car soon. James the flame
  7. My carshow is this weekend!!!!! I have had setbacks and am desperatly still trying to make the show. I blew power steering hoses,had heater hose leaks, can't stand my new exhaust system (will probably run open headers to the show) Had to repaint one fender. Anyway..... My question....I am fixing to put the decals down the sides and the trunk. Please help with anysuggestions and advice on how to do this correctly. You guys helped with every other stage of this build. I have been at it for 8 months!!!! Final decals, another test drive,and I am ready for this weekend!!! Please help with the decals. I have to be at the show Friday morning so I'm cutting this real close. I stayed up late last night and finished buffing out the fender. Thanks, James
  8. I just got a new computer and I forgot my password. The forum e-mailed me a password to log on but how do I change my password to something I can remember?? Can one of the site managers e-mail me my old password?? I forgot it and I want to set everything back up on my new computer.
  9. door locks are cheap. Your door panels will be your biggest problem. A locksmith would charge you a fortune James
  10. Any O'riley"s Auto parts will stock air shocks for your car. Less than $100 bucks a pair. Easy to install. I just put a pair on mine. Play with the air pressure until you get the look you want. Make a note of how much air pressure you have in them. Just check your pressure periodically. These are the way to go!!!! James the flame
  11. I received my door weathersripping for my 69 mach 1. How on earth are you supposed to keep it from falling off??? It screws on each end. Thats easy enough but at the bottom where the"scalloped" metal is won't stay in. They sent me a pair of "lower door seals" also. My car did not have these. It is about a 2 inch flat piece of rubber and does have a small "L" shape bend to it. Where the heck does it go??? What do I glue in??? Please help. I need to get finished with my interior this weekend. Thanks, James the Flame
  12. Thanks guys, I do not have juice to the backup lights. I did find the correct bulb for the ashtray light and it works when you turn the headlight switch on. I guess I will have to tear the shift bezel back off and look for a light. Thanks James
  13. Good morning everyone and happy election day !!! Everyone get out and vote !!! I'm still trying to make my november 21'st deadline for the carshow. I have the original console in my 69 mach 1. It has a light in the front ashtray and wires back to the cigar lighter. Can you still get the skinny bulb that goes in the ash tray?? Is it only supposed to come on when you open the lid or will it always be on when the headlight switch is pulled??? Is there supposed to be a light to illuminate my shifter?? There is all kinds of wires there but I don't see a light bulb socket anywhere. Also every light on my car works but I have no juice what so ever to my backup lights. Any suggestions?? I hate to spend that kind of money on new lights just to have them not even work. Thanks, James the flame
  14. Hey rodshop!!! Still working on mine. Should have it ready for nov.21 car show. Your car is a Mach 1 correct?? The one you are looking at is a plain fastback correct??? What drive train do each of them have??? 1969 fastbacks are always going to hold and go up in value. What kind of price are they asking??? Thanks again for your help on the paint on mine and by the way I believe my blackout hood turned out great!!! James the flame
  15. Am still trying to make my carshow november 21st. I am installing the stainless trim piece that goes above each door. The one the rubber gasket goes into. My question is Do I screw the stainless strip to the car first and then try to slide the rubber into it??? Can I put the rubber in the stainless first and then would I be able to mount the complete assembly to the car in one piece??? I need to do this tomorrow. Any advise asap would be appreciated. Thanks, James
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