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  1. Try building a basket case cobra jet I feel your pain John
  2. Column sold, still have the wheel. John
  3. I have a 69 fixed steering column $50 also have a 69 rim blow wheel, no switch, good for a core if you don`t have anything.$150 Thanks, John
  4. Make sure YOUR insurance company is working for you. Yes tell them. Do not let them pick the place to do the repairs. Any "reputable" paint & body shop will only do absolutely whats necessary. Find a restoration shop that deals with vintage cars. I have first hand experience on this. By the way, Hagerty is my company and thats what they told me. I`m happy w/ the results. John
  5. How much w/ shipping for K8157? 44057 is my zip john
  6. yea, a lot more information is needed.specifically date codes,rust issues,correct hard to find CJ stuff, Etc. could go either way depending on those parameters. I have 2 of `em. price always depends on the buyer. john
  7. intersted in a few small parts but can`t send a pm. John
  8. Yep, I too have a random image. Pakrat, I can`t send you messages either. John
  9. I`ll send you a PM w/ my cell number john
  10. Brian, I have an 8G25 "c" manifold. will that work? PM me, John
  11. I have a pass side glass, reply to stangman 68 then let me know if that deal falls through. John
  12. Zipppo, I have a core wheel from a 69 cougar if that interests you. Best I can do. john
  13. I get about 14 if I keep my foot out of it. gears, tires, and cam profile will play into it also. I`m running a Comp cams 280 magnum cam, and 3:50 gears w/ 255/70 15 tires John
  14. I referenced mine on my home made rotisserie from the center top bolt of the bellhousing.could have been 1 inch or so higher, but it worked great. Hope this helps, John
  15. one will do,thanks for the heads up on the plates.
  16. Can I get a pic or 2 of the rear tie down plates and the louvers? thompson7@ncweb.com Thanks, John
  17. See I told you that you needed a bigger garage!!!
  18. Guys, would any one hear possibly have an extra holley secondary float & bowl for a 4150 Carb? Preferrably an older one with the vintage script. Seems my recently purchased carb came with 2 primary bowls. I can purchase outright or trade this bowl for a secondary one. Also looking for a holley base plate for a 4 speed 735 carb for my CJ. Thanks John
  19. Gotta admit it looks pretty good so far. John
  20. Jim, did that car really look as bad as the avatar makes it look?
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