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  1. Try building a basket case cobra jet I feel your pain John
  2. Column sold, still have the wheel. John
  3. I have a 69 fixed steering column $50 also have a 69 rim blow wheel, no switch, good for a core if you don`t have anything.$150 Thanks, John
  4. Make sure YOUR insurance company is working for you. Yes tell them. Do not let them pick the place to do the repairs. Any "reputable" paint & body shop will only do absolutely whats necessary. Find a restoration shop that deals with vintage cars. I have first hand experience on this. By the way, Hagerty is my company and thats what they told me. I`m happy w/ the results. John
  5. How much w/ shipping for K8157? 44057 is my zip john
  6. yea, a lot more information is needed.specifically date codes,rust issues,correct hard to find CJ stuff, Etc. could go either way depending on those parameters. I have 2 of `em. price always depends on the buyer. john
  7. intersted in a few small parts but can`t send a pm. John
  8. Yep, I too have a random image. Pakrat, I can`t send you messages either. John
  9. I`ll send you a PM w/ my cell number john
  10. Brian, I have an 8G25 "c" manifold. will that work? PM me, John
  11. I have a pass side glass, reply to stangman 68 then let me know if that deal falls through. John
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