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  1. I swapped my 69 fmx to a tkx from modern. I cant get the clutch to release fully with a hydraulic setup with external slave cylinder. The fork it supposed to move 1.2" but best I can get is 1" and the nut on the fork almost hits the bellhousing so it is getting pushed far enough. I have the rod on the slave cylinder pretty tight on the fork and theres no play at all. With the car running the tranny kinda slams into gear a little with the pedal to the floor. If I apply the brake and release the pedal the car will stall out so I know the clutch is working just doesnt release the clutch enough with the pedal to the floor. The linkage at the pedal is as far out as I wanna go and Ive bled the system several times. The car is on jackstands so Im wondering is there something else to check or maybe the issue is everything is brand new and needs to be broken in?
  2. Car is just a street car. Has a mild 351w but will have a 408w with around 550 fwhp eventually.
  3. Not sure, I got a quote a long time ago. Will I have to make any tunnel mods for a tko? Im leaning on just throwing a T5 in there for now. If I swap to a T5 would a TKO be a upgrade later be a straight swap?
  4. Its all the other stuff that adds up to. So far this is what i can think of: Clutch/cable/crossmember/driveshaft/pedal/bellhousing/tranny/shifter/flywheel/yoke am I missing anything?
  5. I want to swap in a TKO 600 in my 69 with a fmx. Modern driveline wants $6000 for the kit. Is there a cheaper route?
  6. I have a 4r70w complete bolt in kit for sale. EVERYTHING you need.
  7. Very cool setup. On another note I have a full 4r70w swap for sale if you know of anyone who needs one.
  8. Never got your email. Please send it again.
  9. Will do but Id like to sell everything.
  10. I have everything needed to swap a 4r into a 67-73 mustang. Im goin 5 speed instead. Will only part out if the tranny is sold. Tranny is the desireable 2001 with convertor and yoke. Has brand new opti controller optishift, crossmember kit which lets you use your stock shifter, holley tps kit, and a recal pro valve body kit. . Located in nj 08079. Email is best bet panteramatt78 @ hotmail.com. Will take $1800 for everything.
  11. I have a great 4R70W and full swap kit for sale.
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