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  1. Cool! I still haven’t tried pulling mine back apart. I can try to print some (PLA or maybe PETG) and send them your way if there is an STL file to use.
  2. Nice - I went ahead and ordered a replacement instead of checking / soldering up the old one. I may test the new one to be sure before I install though if I wasn't the exception. Thanks for the info!
  3. Yeah that would work... just don't want to pull my column back out to get those dimensions. :-( Anyone have a column mount out that would measure things? I may try to find a cheap extra to use to measure and test if not. -Stephen
  4. On the lift of a friend of mine. Figured out drive train vibration - crap driveshaft phasing - have to get another one properly shortened, fixed squeaking right rear - ebrake cable run for the rear discs was rubbing wheel, cut off the heim bolts on tie rod ends, figured out oil leak - thought pan, appears to be rear of valve covers and spacers, figured out why aftermarket fuel gauge isn't working - new sending float is sunk in the tank. Plus a few other things - good to wrap up a few things bugging me.
  5. Just have to say it's interesting that I haven't been here in a long time, this was just posted and popped up in the top search, and I"m looking for the same solution for missing plastic bushings. Anyhow, I have been living with a rattle column since my plastic bushings were junk period. Does anyone know of a source for new ones? If I can get dimensions I may try to 3D print some and see if they work. -Stephen
  6. Glad it's going back together as I've followed your thread a long time. All these crash and crunch threads makes me want to leave mine in the garage now that it's running and it's not nearly as nice as most here. Good deal it's getting done right though! Stephen
  7. Finally re-installed the front sway bar... with an upside down bushing washer the first try ... which I didn't catch until I was done... oh well, another 10 minutes of whining and it was done right...
  8. Still working on this thing a little at a time. Car runs, drives, needs debugging but feels nice and strong. I needed to organize my plug wires and didn't like the simple small black separators so I tried something a little different. Did a simple 3D design and then printed them on my home built 3D printer out of PLA. They may or may not survive the under hood head, may have to move to ABS but should't melt away as melting point is around 300F. They may warp, time will tell. Works though for now. Model is here is anyone else wants to try: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1231498 Otherwise the car needs the interior finalized. Front Fox body seats are in. Needs dash back on, windows, door panels, rear quarters, speaker tray and rear seat and final mount the console. Also need to install the door and window seals to button up the inside. I think the turn signal cam is mangled as both front blinkers blink on either turn direction, going to replace that first and go from there. In the mean time our son wanted a project so yet another Ford is on the premise to be rescued. Picked up a 1966 Galaxie 500 Fastback with the plan to use all the EEC-IV EFI stuff that did not get used on this car along with either a C4 or an R470W OD with maybe a home brew controller using an Arduino. Time will tell but besides the hail damage the old car seems pretty solid. Son and his girlfriend next to it when we drug it home. Another big project for sure as it's nasty inside and out but overall solid body, trim all there, and besides the '65 grill and bad hood the rest seems intact. Stephen
  9. Actually running... https://youtu.be/gSOBiisL1p8 Smell the fumes view... https://youtu.be/8rfhsSSpgaM So it's running, now to get it driving. Stephen
  10. Interesting seeing the various IT people here, been my lively hood since the mid 80's myself. Doesn't seem like that long though. In any manner I have way too many hobbies which is why the Stang is still in the garage. Besides the side tracks with the 88 TurboCoupe, 85 SVO, and 89 4x4 Ranger I've been sidetrack by the following: 1) Stopmotion Brickfilms - http://Protowrxs.com/Stopmotion - Spent a few years in this world when our son was young and got lost in it 2) Home Automation - http://House.Protowrxs.com - our house has been online since 1999 and in various states of working and non working automation 3) Personal Robotics - http://letsmakerobots.com/user/18840/pages/robot - Loads for fun, and time, in this hobby for a while being creative 4) Chopper Bikes - http://protowrxs.com/bikes - Had fun hacking up bikes and falling off of them 5) MX Motorcycles - http://protowrxs.com/mx - Spent time off road when our boy was growing up And several other adventures in life such as building an Remote Control mower and go kart... which again is why the 69 Stang is not done :-( Stephen
  11. Engine Work, Front Springs, and Engine Accessories Tire Fitment With the 10" Tire and the 8.5" wheel it fits about as expected. I'd still like it a bit lower but until the car is fully equipped with doors, sheetmetal, battery, and interior I'm not going to make any changes. Rear lowering is rather eashy in the back with some 1/2 or 1" blocks. Front will be more of a challenge if needed. Front Shot Front skinnies are the same tire, just for the 4.5" front rims. Obviouslly need to buy some lug nuts still but I like the overall tire look. Too High Just threw on a fender to see where it's at and it's too high for me BUT still needs all the front sheet metal, hood, doors, etc and some time to settle back in a bit. It sat lower before but that engine also had iron heads so not sure where it will naturally end up at. Hopefully I won't have to try to make adjustments but if I do I may just buy new lowering springs. Sitting Down This is sitting down a bit more with me on the front end and shows the front end assembled. The roller spring perches are going to be nice but with the larger pipe required for the bearings getting the nuts on the lower shock mount was a pain. Headers etc With the headers mounted and the collectors in I have some idea of whow the H Pipe and exhaust may work out. I am hoping there will be no or minimal bending required but we will see. Front Accessories Love the pulleys I picked up from a fellow Stanger in Norman. I wanted aluminum pulleys but really wasn't impressed with the ones out there in my price range. March brand was just way too expensive but the CVR and others just didn't look nice. Found these and I have no clue what they are but always loved this style.
  12. Yes There is Progress! - Engine, Parts, Tires and More Engine Is In! So the more impressive progress is the final installation of the 347 and Tremec 3550... finally! Still load of work to do, things to hook up, things to test and so much more but just getting the engine/trans in the car is a BIG step for this forever project. Here are a few of the process pics to get to this point including mounting flywheel, clutch, bellhousing and tanny. The install was rather uneventful. The only real challenged was having to remove the steering link to the old Unisteer rack to get the trans down in the car cleanly. Seat Work After picking up the Fox Stang seats earlier, I went ahead and ordered some TMI covers for them. Initially I was really going to go with some vinyl or leather covers or have them recovered. However, after thinking about NOT having a car with leather of vinyl seats and remember why I went with cloth covers. The vertical design matches the existing rear seat BUT I purchased a full Fox body kit and will likely work with someone to use them on the 69 rear seat. The covers went very smoothly, much easier than I expected. I now know I can re-cover my 85 SVO Mustang seats as well so another project is on the list. I do now wish I could have afforded the extra money for replacing the seat foam but for the minimum seat time this car should see the old foam should suffix. Only issue is there is a bit of sag from not enough filling in some areas. And Parts! The last bit of news is the parts that arrived while working on installing the engine. Parts list included flowmasters, 2.5 exhaust, header collectors, battery and rear tires. Tires are another compromised area. I really wanted a fatter tire under the car but was limited with the 8.5" slot wheels which I wanted to keep. So I stuck with the 10" tire instead of the 12". I was afraid the 12 would have had too much bulge on 8.5 inch wheel.
  13. Protowrxs

    eBay woes

    Gotta hate Pitney BLOWS myself. Sorry if anyone here works there, I've just had negative experiences with their products, service and support for decades. Bummer though, I've gotten where I do not hardly buy anything off ebay test isn't free shipping myself. Stephen
  14. Thanks! I almost went with black but I always liked the light Ford blue and that is what it looked like ages ago... Now to keep on keeping on.
  15. Just teaser.. .need to complete a good update but... After about 19 years...
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