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  1. no progress for a while, im still around but not working on cars much :(
  2. SparkyGT

    SNOW !!

    it should all be gone by friday, we had almost 2 feet, and was really heavy snow.
  3. SparkyGT

    SNOW !!

    damn snow today, first time using the snowblower in septmember, usually dont need it till december, in southern alberta btw
  4. heres what some said on saac about the antennas on the fastback rear quarters, seems it varies 4 inches from the edge of the endcap to center of hole. Dealer installed the antennas. Vinnie has the paperwork. It is funny to be at a larger Shelby attended show where you have a number 69/70 Shelby fastbacks in a row. It is a zigzag ed line if you look down the line of antennas. Finding two in the same location is most likely a coincidence or installed at the same dealership by the same installer I suppose.
  5. i cant remember what the measurements on my shelby FB are, i had quarters replaced, so i hope i kept the piece of metal somewhere, or my buddy put the hole in same location on the quarter. you can go here and ask as well. http://saacforum.com/index.php
  6. Years and years ago, i found a R code 69 FB, it was hit hard in the right front corner and damage to suspension, and to the pillar where door attaches, passenger door doesnt open but would be able to take off bolts on hinges to dismount. No front end on it, and its been sitting in the weeds for a long time, so frame rails may be gone, as well as the floors. front seats missing, and interior is ratty. guy wont sell much at all in his yard, but does sell individual pieces, i tried to get the shell of him to cut up for my car and he said he would, but only piece by piece, (hes a hoarder possibly) or just trying to get top dollar. he said before he would sell me the back window and the chrome, i decided to leave it at the time to keep the rain/snow out of it somewhat. So whats it worth as a shell with Serial Numbers? guy does have the drive train, big block 4 speed, but wont sell. this car is located in alberta canada.
  7. quite the road trip, i would love to do that in any car.
  8. Im not doing any big mods, just some lowering springs, and camber plates, this already has hotrod exhaust / no mufflers, doesnt sound too half bad. besides normal maintenance, need a quick repaint of the hood, and front bumper. Otherwise everything is all stock, no cold air, aftermarket radio like most are. Tough for me to fit in this car, but once im in, it is fine UPDATES 66 stang - hope to get some progress this winter $6-7k to finish, trans / wheels / seats 69 shelby - stalled out, not sure what to do - half say restore it and dont drive much/ ie trailer (would tap me out financially getting orig or NOS stuff. ) other half say get the aftermarket fiberglass, finish some bodywork to primer, and get it driving somewhat. minimum im looking at $40k on the shelby i guess 75 F100 - not running, messed up cam/valve on 390, not sure yet. too bad about your 4 speed ridgerunner, i have a helluva time figuring where stuff went without lending it out, only trust 1-2 guys to get back to me with what they borrowed in a timely manner, the others forget.
  9. picked up a 2002 mustang gt as a summer driver since my projects are at a standstill, also found some cool halibrand wheels, they are 17x9, too bad they dont fit my 66, guess they would look cool as ever on the 69
  10. at least you are getting somewhere on your project Ridgerunner.
  11. just looking at my 2002 mustang halibrand wheels, wondering if they will fit on the 69 :)
  12. i cleaned a few parts collecting on the top of my 69, no progress on either stang :(
  13. very nice, about how many hours total do you think Ridge Runner ?
  14. DAMN, where was this when i was deciding if i would do my coupe, very nice :)
  15. i went for a ride in this thing was before, was fun then. he did a pass of 7.70 from what i have seen go down to Pro Street power adder http://www.hotrod.com/events/hot-rod-drag-week/2015/1509-drag-week-2015-race-results-day-1/
  16. around here i have seen a great many crashed, especially cause way back they were also daily drivers in the winter time. even my 2 uncles who had 69-70 Machs, after they were sold the cars were crashed within a few years, the others 68 GT fastback same thing, the only ones that stayed alive were my moms 68 coupe and another uncles 66 fairlane convert.
  17. i will have to look at my 70 coupe parts car. but not sure if it is even there.
  18. i just got rid of my 66f100 ,i miss it, sold it to a big ford collector, and his last name just happend to be FORD. he was telling me of his sad tale of his boss429 he had from new, got enough $$ to go and buy a minivan, didnt want to trade it for 68GT500 kr.
  19. i have those on the side of my 70 grande 351c4v partscar
  20. maybe they are thinking it is 53 kilos, which when converted is 116 lbs otherwise hood looks nice, if i didnt have a shelby i would get one.
  21. took me a bit, i messed up my back this weekend, so hardly moving around.
  22. will try to get some pics for ya soon, been working lots of OT
  23. cleaned out the inbox, had a whole bunch of old messages from old site when it switched, probly same with yours.
  24. the green parts car i have, the caps are off right now, not sure where i put the caps, somewhere in the mess stacked behind the shelby in garage i think. so what pics you need exactly ?
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