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  1. I watched your video, those ball joints are no good! That's a shame after all that work you did and now you have to tear back into it. I used all Moog suspension on my lifted Jeep and everything was great. Bought the problem solvers from RockAuto.
  2. You can buy all the stuff you need directly from Borgeson's site for $850, box, pump and hoses. Even if you upgrade to rack and pinion steering, whose power steering pump and hoses are you going to use? Fords pump is pretty noisy from the get go. So you still have the potential for leaks in any scenario you do.
  3. I would be interested in seeing the kits you are referring too. Because all the conversion kits I have found require a cradle to be installed.
  4. Just curious, what tranny do you have attached to that motor?
  5. If you buy it from CJ Pony parts, they are still a reman product. If you buy directly from Borgeson it is a new manufactured part. Its about a $100 more buy well worth it I think.
  6. I have done an exhaustive search on this upgrade and everyone gives it a 4 or 5 rating. There have been a few 1's and that related to receiving a defective part from the get go. Everyone can't talk well enough about how much better the steering is going down the road and even better at freeway speeds. So if your unit is steering worse than a factory one I would have to say you have a defective gear box. If your pump is noisy it is probably defective as well. To go the rack and pinion route is a major modification task. Removing the shock towers and installing a new cradle. Then if you are going that far while you are in there fussing you may as well convert to the coil over suspension and then the $$$ start adding up.
  7. What rack and pinion setup can you buy for the price you have invested in your parts? They start about $2,000 and go up from there. Just curious?
  8. Has anyone here ever dumped the factory A/C and went with Classic Air or Vintage Air for their system?
  9. I assume the fastbacks don't have window regulators? My coupe has a window handle in that location.
  10. What is the purpose of the sheet metal you added on the sides below the rear windows?
  11. Not quite sure what exactly I am looking at. Is that rusty metal below the valance?
  12. I would like to see pics of the whole car. Do you have a gallery?
  13. Is there a write-up on this mod? Looks like a good fit.
  14. So how do you like your SOT suspension up front? Is it worth the money? I want to do the same thing to my coupe. Nice thread and nice car.
  15. How did you conduct your compression check? Did you do a wet and dry test?
  16. The 70 coupe does not have the proud body line at the rear of the car just above the bumper. And looking at the body line just below the rear qtr window its more pronounced than the 70 coupe has. In either case that is one sharp coupe for sure.
  17. So it looks like that person grafted a 70 taillight panel onto a 69 body? Am I not correct? Looks great.
  18. Good to know. Probably will do this to mine as well. Good info.
  19. Built me a temporary paint booth to sand blast and paint in so the shop doesn't get filthy with Black Diamond dust.
  20. Good info. I am planning on putting an AOD behind my 302.
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