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  1. rwcstang, what BS do you have on the 18x9 fronts? Tire size?
  2. Hey mate, Long time since we chatted.When you had just painted your 69 stang. Just wondering what size wheels and tires you ended up running under those wide front fenders? I purchased my guards a few years ago and am just getting around to fitting front wheels. I'm looking to fit 18x9in wheels with 5.5inch back space(coilover struts will allow this) with P285/30. What do you think, can it be done? ...and do you have pics or links of your beast all done?
  3. My apology I thought it was a 351w. You have a stroker which changes things up. I think the Edelbrock Torker II is the one you want. Below I copied and pasted the notes from the edelbrock site. Note that they claim the height is same as stock! Installation Notes: Use 12-bolt intake gasket set (Edelbrock #7220 recommended). For van installations use OEM Ford "van" intake gasket set; will fit early 16-bolt head with Ford 16-bolt intake gasket set. 1" open carburetor spacer, our #8710, is recommended when hood clearance permits. Manifold height: A-3.55", B-4.75", same as stock, see A/B Measurements. Port exit dimensions: 1.02" x 1.82". The weiand is taller and a dual plane: Height: Front 4.37", Rear 5.06"
  4. When you say trunk spoiler, do you mean the shelby type or the Mach 1 pedistal mounted type spoiler?
  5. the Weiand 'Stealth' manifold seems to claim its a 'low profile' manifold but with good breathing qualities...
  6. That IS a teaser shot! :thumbup1: Looking good... I should be ordering my CF guards end of this month!
  7. Had a lil fun on Windows Movie Maker.
  8. Well...I've fitted the carbon fibre trunklid and rear extensions. Fitment aint bad for a quick bolt on. Will need adjustments another time.
  9. What year is this GT mustang? Is it a V8. It was fenced off and had a for sale sign on it.
  10. Look what Santa left under the tree: ...they're here!!! Carbon fibre trunklid and extension housings from Anvil!!:clap::clap:
  11. A sad moment today downunder. A piece of american history now rests in peace here. The bus was a mercedes. Dont you luv the media, the car rolled over and burst into flames ???? http://au.news.yahoo.com/<WBR>thewest/a/-/wa/12324712/<WBR>car-on-fire-after-rollover/
  12. :punk: Took me two days to get the sound of blower whine outta my head and the rubber out of my nose. lol
  13. I seen this live at the local drag track a while back. I was never the same after this. Be sure to look for the flames from the exhaust at the end of George's burnout...
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