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  1. Looking for something to do with the pile of spare 69 parts I have, so I'm looking for a 69 roller than I can get back on the road. Prefer something not rusted badly, needs to be near me here in CT. Email me at red390gt@yahoo.com with price, pics and details. Thanks
  2. I had a problem with SAND in the fuel line once, someone had dumped it in the tank while the Previous owner had it parked in his driveway. The car would start and run for a few minutes but as the fuel pump pumped fuel (and sand) up to the carb it slowly plugged the carb fuel filter. Car would shut off eventually, if I let it sit long enough to let all the sand drain out of the filter I could then start the car again and start the whole process over again. I ended up draining the tank then getting it flushed out, also cleaned out the lines and installed a few "In-Line" fuel filters to be safe. Fixed problem and car ran great once all the sand was gone.