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  1. What octane fuel are you using? If your compression ratio is 9.5 or higher you my need to use a higher octane fuel.
  2. Check the background light for the radio. My PO wired an aftermarket radio wrong and used the power wire for the background light as ground for the radio. Every time I turned the headlights on it would blow the fuse.
  3. The hole will not line up one end of spring hooks to the bucket the other hooks to the trim ring. It's easist to hook the spring up first install the bulb then the two screws
  4. V6?. No V6 in 69 or 70 the steering gear and the power steering pump are the same for the 250 L6 and 302/351 V8. The power steering gear and non-power steering gear have differant ratios.
  5. Installed new radiator, water pump and thermostat. Next is the carb 2bbl, it leaks and runs poorly at WOT. I have a used edelbrock intake and carb that need to be rebuilt. Anyone running a 650cfm edelbrock and a preformer 289 intake? Do they work well? I'm just looking for a cruiser but still what to have a little fun.
  6. installed new 185deg thermostat today. It run at about 180-185 deg idling or in traffic. So after new water pump, 2 new thermostsats and a new radiator all is good with the cooling system. Now the fun starts with the carb. Thanks for the help everone.:thumbup:
  7. Jay, Its great that you have your son so involved. I think your next step would be lights. Headlight (HID)and taillight(LED) upgrades. Oem light are not very bright. It will help him see and others to see him.
  8. 70mstang, I have a stock 2 barrel intake. here are the pictures.
  9. Your rebuild kit should have the cup seal in it. did you adjust the control valve spring? Here is a picture of a rebuild kit from Rock auto. The steps to adjust the control valve are in the members only forum. search for "manuals"
  10. Thanks buening, The probe is in the intake between the carb and the distributor. The stock gauge sending unit is in front of thermostat. There is coolant flow in the radiator when cold. So i am on my way back to the auto parts store to get a new thermostat. Is a 160 deg good or should i go with a 190 deg one?
  11. Thanks Mach1rider, I changed the water pump and thermostat first to try to fix the overheat problem. But I will look into it. It's a fail open one it may be stuck open.
  12. Low Trans temp is always good. Not worried about trans temp i'm conserned about engine temp being to low. Will the manual choke work, will i have heat for the heater, Not to mention fuel economy?
  13. Just replaced my old radiator with a new aluminum one. My 302 with automatic trans was running 230-250 before the radiator swap. NOT GOOD!!! Now it runs between the T and E in temp on the gauge. My other gauge (mechanical) reads just off the peg at 135* Is that to cool?
  14. wrench1, Putting the car back on its tires will not help till you get the engine in to weigh the front of the car down.
  15. I agree with DRASTik, If it's going to the machine shop anyways have it clearanced. Better safe then sorry later.
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