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  1. Thanks for the help guys. The way I have it mounted is correct. Certain steering set-up move the steering shaft towards the front, so that is the reason some of the cars I posted show the caliper i the back. The caliper must be mounted opposite of the steering arm with the Wilwood kit. The Baer kit has a different bracket I suppose.
  2. Yea I have tried that and nothing changes. I also confirmed with Wilwood that I was using the correct bracket for the correct side.
  3. I am in the process of installing my 14" 6 piston kit #140-12638 on my 69. I am using factory drum spindles as recommended. The only way the kit will work and clear the spindle is for the caliper to mount towards the front of the vehicle. Every picture I see of a 69 or 70 with this same kit seems to show the opposite; the caliper mounts towards the rear of the vehicle. I spoke with Wilwood. He stated that all Mustangs of these years have rear mounted steering, and the caliper must be mounted towards the front of the car; opposite of the steering arm. I asked why all other 69/70's I have seen have the caliper mounted towards the rear and he was unsure. The reason the kit I have will not work with the caliper mounted in the rear is the caliper bracket kits the steering arm/spindle. The guy at Wilwood verified that I have the right kit, but I am still concerned since every picture I find shows the opposite of my results. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? This is the way every other 69 seems to have the calipers mounted. In this picture I would call that the 10:00 position. As you can see, the "C" shaped bracket on the left of the caliper bracket does not fit and the bottom 2 bolts attaching the C bracket to the caliper bracket will hit the spindle/steering arm. This is the only way all bolts will light up without clearance issues on my car These are pictures of all of the other 69/70 Mustangs I have found with either Wilwood or Baer 14" brakes with the caliper mounted towards the rear
  4. Looking good. What did you do in the back to fit the wheels and tires? Mini-tub? What size are those wheels and tires back there?
  5. It wasn't easy! It took a lot of contemplating before I tore into the wheel wells. They way I looked at it, if I use factory wheel wells and make it look as factory as possible and my fold down seat can still be used, I wont loose anything. I'll ge gaining an 11" wide wheel in the back! Thank you!
  6. Some small updates: Got the Total Control Products bump steer kit installed as well as the huge Ride Rech Muscle Bar I also just about have the drivers side mini tub ready to go in. Just need to clean up the metal edges a little more. Peeling off the Dynamat was a pain in the ass but had to be done to get a clean weld. Now its time to do the other side.
  7. Yesterday I cleaned up the area where the old strut rods and control arms used to be and painted with Eastwood Rust Encapsulator. Then drilled these 3 holes in each strut rod housing for the new Strong Arms. Strong Arms in place. These spindles have too many pits around the bearing seals so I'll be using new spindles. Also got most of the drivers side inner wheel well cut out for the mini-tub.
  8. I wish they made the Anvil grill...
  9. Not sure if you can fit with your wheels, but wilwood offers a 14" kit for only a couple hundred more than the 13" baer kit.
  10. I bought theirs and the quality looks great, but I have not installed yet. I bought the one with the brushed aluminum look. They are very helpful over the phone but not over email, so if you have questions you should call.
  11. Thanks guys. Rip Rock, your car looks great. If you have time, could you please post a closer picture from the rear of the exhaust? I'll be doing mine basically exactly like that!
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